Massage Heights elevates personal healing services

Massage Heights elevates personal healing services

March 21st, 2012 by Hannah Campbell in Health Experts
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Alan Reimann and Ashley Pearce deal with clients professionally.

Massage Heights owner Alan Reimann says massage is more than a simple pleasure; it's true therapy that helps marathon runners recover 17 percent faster and helps others overcome life's anxieties as if summiting a mountain.

"We really want everyone to adapt their health regimen to include massage," Reimann said. "Massage can help with releasing your personal stresses and helping your body repair itself." The Massage Heights logo, a mountain and chi symbol, represents the stress in life and the vital energy massage therapy provides to conquer stress and its effects. Reimann said massage therapy can help reduce blood pressure, improve circulation, relieve stress, manage pain, strengthen the immune system, improve flexibility and help people sleep better.

Reimann spent 31 years selling pacemakers and defibrillators before opening his Massage Heights franchise on Gunbarrel Road early last year. He also helped establish Nicholas' Heart Fund, which places automatic external defibrillators in schools. After retirement he still wanted to remain in the business of helping others. Reimann and his wife, Jan, were avid patrons of five-star hotel spa massage services, so Massage Heights' "retreat" theme really hit home.

"That's what sold me on this concept," he said. "I want people to think that they're on vacation when they walk through our door." Reimann said Massage Heights' smoky glass doors, rippling fountain, stone, wood and soft pastel colors all say "vacation resort" inviting the customer to relax and enjoy. Massage Heights' membership structure and seven-day-a-week availability play a part in the organization's mission statement to provide professional, therapeutic, affordable and convenient massage therapy.

Massage Heights sells a wide variety of products so clients can take that healthy feeling home with them.

Massage Heights sells a wide variety of products...

"We welcome the opportunity to help each and every customer reach a better quality of life through massage therapy," Reimann said. "We all believe in our hearts that we can make a difference in everybody's lives. We want to understand our customers' needs, whether they returned from a long road trip, are having stress or they're sore from activities.

"We do our best to know every customer by their first name," Reimann added.

"Being affordable, I think, is very important. We have all walks of life in this town and all walks of income, so we want to make massage available to everyone.' Massage Heights sponsors the American Cancer Society's DetermiNation program and the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series, where runners are cheered by live bands along the course. The next marathon takes place April 28 in Nashville.

Reimann said he also works with local running clubs.

"We want to help those runners no matter if they do a mile or two or 50," he said, explaining that massage helps athletes with performance, normal recovery and recovery from injury. "Massage therapy really helps these athletes." Reimann is the licensed developer for Massage Heights in Eastern Tennessee and said he's starting to look for franchisees for new stores.


Special introductory rate is $39.99 for a onehour massage. Massage Heights memberships, listed below, are for 12 months, with other massages during each month at the introductory rate.

  1. Foundation membership: $49.99 for one hour plus aromatherapy.
  2. Heightened membership: $59.99 for one hour, aromatherapy and one Elevation (see below).
  3. Pinnacle membership: $79.99 for one hour, aromatherapy and all three Elevations.


Elevations are Massage Heights' add-on services. "We want to elevate and heighten the experience," Reimann said.

  1. Hot stone therapy: Intensify the restorative properties of your massage, relieve stress and tension, and rid the body of toxins with the thermotherapeutic effects of a relaxing hot shone massage.
  2. Hot-towel, cold-stone face massage: The combination of soothing warmth and cool stones revitalizes your complexion by allowing beneficial oxygen and nutrients to penetrate the skin. Also helps reduce eye inflammation sinus pain.
  3. Lemon grass seaweed foot scrub (Reimann's favorite): Soften, hydrate and revive tired feet and legs with an infusion of heat, moisture and stimulation with lemon grass essential oils.

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