Massage Heights offers customized relaxation

Massage Heights offers customized relaxation

October 3rd, 2012 by BY JACK HOWLAND in Health Experts
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Massage Heights staff, including from left, Becky Carey, Amanda Fox, Daniel Nunley, Hailee Bourque, Mark Wilczopolski, Brittany Johnson and Alicia Holder, are eager to help clients relax.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself on vacation at your favorite resort, with soothing fountains and peaceful music to set a nice, calming mood. Imagine yourself relaxing in the comfort of warm linens and quilts while enjoying a relaxing massage and aromatherapy. Now imagine that that place being right off of Gunbarrel Road.

Massage Heights has been serving the Chattanooga region since February 2011 and offers refined and customized massage therapy options to suit everyone. At Massage Heights, a detailed discussion with a massage therapist to determine the best treatment is followed by a customized plan to cater to the customer's needs, said Alan Reymann, franchisee and owner of the local location.

Customers can even add extras, known as elevations, to their already tailored massage experience, such as hot or cold stone therapy or a lemongrass foot scrub.

While Massage Heights may not offer a lot of various sundry a la carte options, Reymann stressed that his urban resort is focused on giving the individual what they want and need.

Massage Heights recently introduced its active therapy massage option, which is designed with athletes and active individuals in mind. Active therapy sessions feature a 90-minute massage, hot and cold stone therapy and comprehensive stretching in order to make key muscle groups more pliable and flexible, Reymann said. The therapy relaxes the body and helps push lactic acid out of the muscles to aid in recovery.

He noted that with this type of therapy, the body and muscles recover 17 percent faster.

"Monthly massage therapy reaps benefits in one's life and will improve the quality and longevity of such a life," Reymann said.

Active therapy is just another example of the lengths to which Massage Heights is going in order to offer a memorable and customized experience.

Massage Heights has worked hard to create soothing treatment rooms.

Massage Heights has worked hard to create soothing...

"We want to be simple and accommodating, yet therapeutic. The majority of our customers come in because they have an issue and want a customized experience," he added.

For instance, Massage Heights offers three levels of yearly membership catered to offer something for everyone, Reymann said.

The first level, known as "Foundation," costs $49.99 a month and includes a one-hour massage with aromatherapy. The second and most popular level, called "Heightened," offers the same as Foundation, but includes the customer's choice of available elevations and costs $59.99 a month.

The third level, "Pinnacle Plus," features a 90- minute massage and the customer's choice of one elevation and costs $79.99 a month.

One of the benefits to becoming a member, Reymann said, is that if someone is not able to come in for their monthly massage therapy session, the massage rolls over to the next month. If a member wants an additional massage during the month, it only costs an extra $39.99 for a 60-minute massage therapy session.

Reymann stressed that his intention behind Massage Heights is to provide affordable care for his customers; the three levels of membership are designed exactly with that in mind, he said.

"We want to make sure people who want a massage can get a massage," said Reymann. "We want to make it economical to treat yourself."

Massage Heights will be adding a new therapeutic session in the form of facials, to be introduced in the first quarter of 2013, Reymann said.


Massage Heights is located at 1925 Gunbarrel Road, behind the Starbucks. Inquiries can be made by calling 423-702-6929 or through the website at

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