Johnson Audiology now offers new Lyric device

Johnson Audiology now offers new Lyric device

September 12th, 2012 by BY JACK HOWLAND in Health Experts
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Drs. Megan Johnson, left, and Courtney Guthrie are ready to help patients improve their hearing at Johnson Audiology.

Since Johnson Audiology was founded three years ago, the practice has made significant strides in offering the Chattanooga and North Georgia area innovative hearing aid technology. While Johnson Audiology has a history of offering pioneering devices that come in a full range of styles based on the patient's needs, Drs. Megan Johnson and Courtney Guthrie are particularly excited about the newest device from Lyric.

Until recently, Lyric made one hearing aid model, developed in California in 2002, which is fitted into the ear canal, Dr. Johnson said. Lyric recently developed a newer, smaller and narrower version of its premier device, one that is now able to be fitted into an even broader range of ear canals than the previous version, Dr. Guthrie noted.

Johnson Audiology was the first to bring the original Lyric Hearing Aid to the Chattanooga region, fitting its eligible patients with the devices since 2009.

Dr. Guthrie added that both versions of the Lyric Hearing Aid are considered an extended- wear aid because they can be worn in the shower, during exercise and while one is asleep,

and there is no need to change batteries. The new device is designed to be worn for about three to four months at which time the patient goes back in to get a new device fitted.

Drs. Megan Johnson and Courtney Guthrie review a patient's file to determine what hearing aid will work best.

Drs. Megan Johnson and Courtney Guthrie review a...

"The new Lyric is great because patients who have been sized for older versions only to find out that it doesn't fit will be glad to know that the newer version fits about 75 percent of patients," Dr. Johnson said.

This advancement is due in part to an improved and refined design that incorporates a more natural-quality sound which minimizes background noise due to how it is fitted in the ear canal, Dr. Guthrie said.

"The Lyric can even be fitted the day a patient walks in, and we've found that people adjust to the Lyric quicker than other aids because it's so comfortable and you can't take it out," she added.

In addition to being the exclusive practice that offers the new, smaller Lyric hearing device, Johnson Audiology also specializes in state of the art diagnostic evaluations and consultations and such hearing ailments as tinnitus.

Tinnitus is the ringing, buzzing or chirping one has in their ears and millions of people who suffer from it also suffer from hearing loss as well, Dr. Guthrie said.

"If you treat hearing loss, then someone's tinnitus will likely improve as well," she said, adding

that, "While it hasn't been scientifically proven, many of our patients report that their tinnitus has been reduced due to the Lyric device."

Dr. Johnson also noted that hearing aid devices have become increasingly more popular and appealing because of the advancement in technologies.

Many of the devices that Johnson Audiology offers come equipped with Bluetooth capabilities, have significant noise reduction technology and have become smaller and more comfortable, Dr. Johnson said.

"Basically, 80 percent of our patients have nerve damage to their ears, and it is because of this nerve damage that we are fitting more and more aids on our patients," she added.

Dr. Johnson opened the practice, and Dr. Guthrie, who has practiced audiology since she graduated from the University of Memphis in 2009, was brought on about a year ago. They both specialize and have their degrees in audiology.


Johnson Audiology is located at 1618 Gunbarrel Road, Suite 102, and can be reached at 423-710-1432.

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