Johnson Audiology welcomes Dr. Anna Wade to the practice

Johnson Audiology welcomes Dr. Anna Wade to the practice

December 19th, 2013 by Brandi Dixon in Health Experts
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As Johnson Audiology continues to grow and thrive, the team is happy to announce the addition of its newest audiologist, Dr. Anna Wade. A native of Birmingham, Ala., she brings with her extensive education, knowledge and skills, making her a true asset to the team and the business's clients, said Johnson Audiology owner Dr. Megan Johnson.

Dr. Anna Wade, right, joins Drs. Courtney Guthrie, left, and Megan Johnson at Johnson Audiology.

Dr. Anna Wade, right, joins Drs. Courtney Guthrie,...

"As one of the largest and fastest growing audiology practices, we're thrilled to have Dr. Wade join the practice," Dr. Johnson said. "With her diverse background in adult and pediatric care, balance disorders, tinnitus, and even cochlear implants, she offers a wealth of expertise and experience."

Dr. Wade comes from a family background of hearing loss and was actually diagnosed with mild to moderate hearing loss herself as a teenager. "I was always interested in the medical field," she said. "Growing up with hearing loss drove me to learn more about audiology and how I could help others with their hearing loss."

Hearing loss is really not about age at all, she noted. In her experience thus far, she has worked with adults as well as pediatric patients. She encourages anyone experiencing any kind of symptoms or difficulty hearing to get an exam, no matter what their age may be.

"Early intervention is key," said Dr. Wade. "Untreated hearing loss has many consequences and appropriate amplification has many benefits."

As an avid hunter, Dr. Wade knows firsthand how too much noise and not enough protection can be the cause of hearing loss. Her participation in hunting and use of hearing protection generate a natural and invaluable avenue for her to share different tools, devices and treatments that can help. "It's a noisy world, and you need to protect your hearing," Dr. Wade advises.

She said she truly enjoys being able to encourage her patients and relate to them in terms of being hard of hearing. Dr. Wade said she joined Johnson Audiology specifically because she wanted to work amongst doctors who wish to grow in the field while furthering each other at the same time.

"We appreciate Dr. Wade's real life experiences; struggling with her hearing loss and the use of progressing technology with hearing aids over many years," said Dr. Johnson.

"Dr. Wade's individual experiences wearing various amplification devices identify wholeheartedly with our patients and their daily struggles with hearing loss," added Dr. Courtney Guthrie. "We believe technology makes a difference." And Dr. Wade undeniably agrees.

Dr. Wade is a graduate of Auburn University and completed her doctorate in audiology at the University of Tennessee. Growing up in the Southeast, she and her husband were drawn to Chattanooga. They now reside in East Brainerd with their 8-month-old son. "This city is by far our favorite," Dr. Wade said of hers and her husband's choice to make the move here. "We love the people here and all the city has to offer."


Dr. Wade is taking new patients now at Johnson Audiology. To schedule an appointment with her or with Drs. Johnson or Guthrie, call 423-933- 3623. Johnson Audiology is located at 1618 Gunbarrel Road, Suite 102. The practice provides diagnostic hearing evaluations and consultations, hearing aids, hearing aid adjustments and repairs. For more information about services or to schedule a hearing test, call 423-933-3623 or visit