5 Star Home Care brings peace of mind for 2014

5 Star Home Care brings peace of mind for 2014

December 26th, 2013 in Health Experts
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It's easy for anyone to take on too much during the holidays, but especially those who are caring for an aging loved one. During the hectic holidays, taking care of your spouse, parent or loved one can sometimes make you feel overwhelmed and anxious. 5 Star Home Care can offer you much-needed peace of mind. You can go to work, run errands, care for children and take on all of those New Year's resolutions knowing that your loved one is safe and taken care of by 5 Star. When you start making your list of New Year's resolutions, add to that list getting some assistance at home.

The state-licensed home-care provider offers non-medical assistance, personal care and companionship services. 5 Star Home Care offers assistance with needs such as blood pressure checks, bathing and grooming, transportation, light housekeeping, laundry, shopping, exercise, pet care and their caregivers provide much needed companionship. "Best of all, you don't have to worry about your loved one feeling lonely or isolated while you are out of the house," said 5 Star owner Kenny Higdon. A quality company like 5 Star Home Care not only performs background checks and a rigorous interview process before hiring, but takes care to match each individual client with an aide to form a positive, long-term relationship that is pleasant for both.

If you have been taking care of your spouse, parent or a loved one and have been struggling with feelings of stress and even guilt about how much time you are able to spend with them, the quality of care they are getting or how you are balancing everything you have to do in addition to taking care of them, then in-home care could be your solution. Ensuring a plan of care is in place for a parent or loved one is a common New Year's resolution. 5 Star Home Care wants you to remember bringing in affordable assistance for a loved one will also give you a chance to tackle your own personal New Year's resolutions.

"When you are confident that your loved one is getting fresh produce and healthy meals, you might have a chance to eat a little better yourself," said scheduling coordinator Richard Williams. Knowing a caregiver from 5 Star Home Care is helping your relative exercise might inspire you to fit in a workout for yourself a few days a week. The assurance they have companionship with someone they know, trust, and like will let you take a little time for yourself each day to recharge. "If you don't take care of yourself, you won't be able to take as good of care of the elder in your life," said Williams.

Care levels range from having someone in the home for minor assistance and companionship a few hours a week to 24/7 care with more assistance from caregivers. "5 Star even has caregivers qualified to help clients with Alzheimer's, dementia and Parkinson's disease," said scheduling coordinator Cheryl Wehunt. Care plans are customized and tailored to each client's needs, stressed Wehunt, adding that continuous care is provided in any situation to maintain quality companionship and build solid relationships between clients and caregivers.

All of 5 Star's caregivers are screened, trained, bonded, insured and supervised. 5 Star only hires caregivers who truly care and want to be in the business of helping people. Helping clients maintain their independence, dignity and privacy is what they strive to do above all. "Everyone from myself, our sales staff, our schedulers and our caregivers treat each of our clients with ethics and dignity," 5 Star Owner Kenny Higdon said. "We treat them like they are our family" said Choose an Active Higdon.

5 Star is unique as they operate under the "golden rule". They treat people the way they would want to be treated if they were the client. One such way they do this is by offering a 24/7 phone service so cli- ents and their family can reach someone at any time during any situation. This premium service is offered for free to all 5 Star clients. "You can call our office number after-hours and you will always talk with someone who is on our team," said marketing coordinator Sherry Patterson. "It's never an answering service, and we are there to help with whatever the case might be."

5 Star Home Care provides professional, comprehensive home care to people who need help performing day-to-day activities. The business assists individuals living with a disability, recovering from an injury or illness, or facing daily challenges that come with aging. 5 Star's caregivers are set up to work in the home or at assisted-living facilities, hospitals or nursing homes.


If you want to start 2014 with peace of mind, let 5 Star Home Care's services care for you and your loved ones. For more information or to set up a one on one consultation, visit www.5starHomeCareUSA. com or call 423-893-8181.