Johnson Audiology raising expectations for patient care

Johnson Audiology raising expectations for patient care

February 28th, 2013 by Brandi Dixon in Health Experts
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Patient Care Coordinator Monica Daum and Drs. Megan Johnson and Courtney Guthrie are ready to help patients hear better.

How would you like to call a doctor's office and be greeted with a friendly voice instead of a recording?

From the time patients make the first phone call to the time they set foot in the office for an appointment, the doctors and staff of Johnson Audiology work to provide first-class customer service.

Patient Care Coordinator Monica Daum takes great pride in being the first point of contact. "I make it my goal to be friendly and make sure [patients] are comfortable when they come in," she said.

Daum works with patients on scheduling appointments, troubleshooting hearing aid problems, making minor in-offi ce repairs and coordinating initial insurance and billing processes. She also makes it a point to see that patients are relaxed while in the office. Drs. Megan Johnson and Courtney Guthrie, both audiologists, allow plenty of time for each individual patient. "We want to listen to our patients and fi nd out what they do daily and what activities they enjoy," said Dr. Guthrie. "We want to get to know them, not just fi x their hearing issues.

Monica Daum sets up an appointment for a patient.

Monica Daum sets up an appointment for a...

"The more we know about a patient and their lifestyle, the better we can service them and match a hearing device that will truly meet their needs," she added. "You can have two people with the same amount of hearing loss, but they will require different features because they have different lifestyles. Are they still in the workforce? Do they eat in restaurants often?

These are the questions we ask, as they all produce different hearing situations and we want to select the best device for the individual." "Counseling is also a large focus at Johnson Audiology," said Dr. Johnson. "We encourage patients and their family members to ask questions to learn about hearing loss and the effects of untreated hearing loss."

During the initial evaluation, fitting and followup appointments, Daum schedules ample time for the audiologist and patient to discuss hearing aids, technology, helpful tips for family members, continued difficulties, etc. The audiologist guides each patient through the use and care of hearing aids, what to expect with amplification and how to implement hearing aid(s) into their daily life. "The continuous support and service matters as much as the products," Dr. Johnson said. "We want to educate our patients and keep them informed as technology improves. Follow-up care is a critical part of the amplification process."

After the initial diagnostic evaluation, treatment for hearing loss begins with a one-hour fitting that includes programming the hearing aids to the individual's hearing loss and educating the patient about proper care for the device. Subsequently, patients can expect a two-week and a four-week follow-up with recommended six-month checkups thereafter.

"We want to see our patients regularly to be sure they are using their hearing aid optimally and that they are truly satisfi ed," Dr. Johnson said. "We'll do whatever we can to accommodate our patients."

Johnson Audiology is located at 1618 Gunbarrel Road, Suite 102. The offi ce provides diagnostic hearing evaluations and consultations, hearing aid adjustments and repairs to patients age 10 and up.