Electrolysis and Associates makes clients top priority

Electrolysis and Associates makes clients top priority

November 14th, 2013 in Health Experts
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As their business grows, owners of Electrolysis and Associates Dee Jeffreys and Annie Massey are maintaining their goal of meeting a client's needs and making each client priority No. 1.

Dee Jeffreys, Annie Massey and Nicki Petree, from left, help clients look their best at Electrolysis and Associates.

Dee Jeffreys, Annie Massey and Nicki Petree, from...

"When a client comes in we are completely focused on them," Jeffreys said. "We give that courtesy to everyone when they are here."

The local business is a provider of electrolysis, which is the process of removing unwanted hair using a probe. Treatment times vary based on the area being worked on and the amount of time clients want to spend on each treatment area, according to Massey.

"Some clients only want to sit for 15 minutes at a time, while others are good for a couple of hours," she explained. "We will accommodate whatever they need."

Jeffreys added that the longest treatment time available is three hours, as that's the longest that clients are advised to undergo any given treatment at one time. Areas of treatment include eyebrows, cheeks, ears, upper lip, chin, neck area, chest and breast area, underarms, stomach, back, bikini area, legs and toes.

For men who would like to permanently remove unwanted hair, Electrolysis and Associates caters to their needs as well. Jeffreys said a large portion of the business's clients are men.

She encourages any man interested to come in and see what the process is all about for himself.

"We do a lot of eyebrows, ingrown hairs and ear hair for our gentlemen clients," she said. "It's a good part of self-grooming and brings relief from discomfort in many cases, especially with regard to ingrown hairs."

Jeffreys added that when their male clients finish their treatments, they are always so thankful.

"Their ladies are usually pretty thankful too," she joked.

For any first-time clients, Jeffreys and Massey start the process with gathering general client information and learning about what the client's needs and hopes are specifically.

"We then take them on a tour of the office, showing them our sterilization process, and inform them about what we will be doing during the treatment," Jeffreys said.

The treatment itself consists of going into each hair follicle for about 13 seconds and removing the hair once it's been treated. The process Jeffreys and Massey follow is known as "scattering" and entails treating every other hair in the selected area in order to prevent any damage of skin.

"Once we explain everything, we'll then epilate a few hairs so the client can get a feel for it, and then we start from there," Jeffreys said. She added that topical numbing agents are available for anyone who experiences discomfort or simply prefers not to feel anything during the treatment.

With Christmas fast approaching, the local business has a gift certificate special available, and gift certificates can be purchased in any amount.

"Anyone can buy a sweater or a bottle of perfume, and that's great," Jeffreys said. "But if you know someone has this need and this might not be something they would buy for themselves, what a thoughtful gift this would be."


Electrolysis and Associates is located at 1412 Battlefield Parkway in Fort Oglethorpe, Ga. Hours are Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and other days and times based on client needs. For more information or to set up a free consultation, call 706-820-6953, email annie@electrolysisandassociates.com, dee@electrolysisandassociates.com or visit electrolysisandassociates.com. To learn more about the new full-body detox service offered on-site, visit EnableHealing.com or call 423-833-3579.