Be ready for your wedding day smile with Soddy Daisy Smiles

Be ready for your wedding day smile with Soddy Daisy Smiles

April 24th, 2014 by Brandi Dixon in Health Experts
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Wedding season is nearly upon us. Is your smile truly ready for the big day? Whether you're the bride, groom, a member of the wedding party or even an honored guest, you need to know your smile is at its absolute best for the countless photos that will capture so many special moments on this day.

Soddy Daisy Smiles helps brides get their absolutely best smile.

Soddy Daisy Smiles helps brides get their absolutely...

At Soddy Daisy Smiles, Drs. Robert and Mandy Shearer believe that everyone deserves to enjoy a flawless, beautiful smile, especially on such an important occasion. Their practice offers a comprehensive array of advanced cosmetic dentistry services all under one roof, making it faster and easier than ever for you to achieve the wedding-ready smile of your dreams.

Depending on how much time you have beforehand, there's a range of dental treatments that can help you look and feel great - not just that day, but every day. Here's a rundown of what you can do in the time remaining before your big day.


You probably have time for almost any needed dental treatment.

"The second-most-common cosmetic issue we address for big occasions is crooked teeth" said Dr. Mandy Shearer. "Six Months Smiles is a shortterm cosmetic orthodontic system we use to provide our patients with a beautiful straight smile in often just six months."

Many dental treatments, like periodontal plastic surgery or tooth implants, can achieve remarkable results in this time. Periodontal surgery can give you a less "gummy" smile and greatly improve the aesthetics of your teeth. Tooth implants are modern dentistry's best option for replacing missing teeth. Natural-looking implants have a success rate of 95 percent and can last a lifetime.


There's still plenty you can do. If the roots are intact, a crown can be placed on a damaged tooth to restore its appearance and function. Missing teeth can be replaced via bridgework, which supports a false tooth from abutments on either side. Implants and removable partials are also a good option for replacing missing teeth.

When your concern is more about stained, discolored and/or crooked teeth, porcelain veneers can dramatically lighten and change shape of the teeth by covering the existing tooth with a thin porcelain veneer, greatly improving the overall smile.

"We can evaluate your individual situation and come up with the best options to address all of your dental concerns, whether it is replacing missing teeth or just whitening your smile," Dr. Robert Shearer said. "We will make the plan to fit our needs and your budget."


You still have time for some basic, yet effective, treatments. "Before a big event, the most common request we hear is our patients just want a brighter smile or straighter teeth," Dr. Robert Shearer explained.

Professional whitening is a quick and easy option that only takes one to two hours with immediate and lasting results. In-office whitening treatments are the fastest, but take-home kits, used under their supervision, offer similar results in a longer time. Small chips or discolored fillings can be restored with tooth-colored materials that securely bond to the teeth themselves. Cosmetic bonding is an ideal, custom-made option to conceal severe stains, chips and overlapping or uneven teeth.

"Dental contouring or reshaping is a simple way to fix minor chips or uneven teeth. Talk to us about dental contouring," said Dr. Mandy Shearer. "By simply

shaving away small sections of the tooth in just one visit, brides-to-be can leave feeling confident and comfortable with a straighter, more even smile."


At the very least, come in for a thorough cleaning right before the date. This will help remove many surface stains and freshen up your smile. Be sure to call in advance so that you're able to get an appointment. Then, smile for the camera!


For more information about a wedding-day smile makeover, call Soddy Daisy Smiles at 423-332-5275 to discuss your treatment options.