5 Star helps families make tough decisions about their loved ones

5 Star helps families make tough decisions about their loved ones

February 20th, 2014 by Brandi Dixon in Health Experts
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Kenny Higdon remembers the day his mother was forced to make the difficult decision to become his grandmother's caregiver. The choice came at great personal expense.

"I started a home care company in 2007 after seeing the challenge my mom had when trying to find someone caring and honest who would be gentle with my grandmother," said Higdon, now the president of 5 Star Home Care.

5 Star's Kenny and Melissa Higdon help clients stay in their homes.

5 Star's Kenny and Melissa Higdon help clients...

His mother had no alternative because she wasn't able to find someone with whom she felt comfortable. That's why Higdon bases his company on the commitment to treat clients with the same respect and compassion his family wanted someone to show his own grandmother.

5 Star offers professional, comprehensive home care to people who need help performing day-to-day activities. 5 Star staff assists those living with a disability, recovering from an injury or illness or simply facing the daily challenges that come with aging. Clients receive high-quality personal assistance while maintaining the independence that comes from living at home.

The first step in finding a trustworthy person to make this possible is understanding the standards of the home care company and its caregivers.

"5 Star Home Care conducts a background check and drug screen on each applicant before they come to work for us. We are also licensed and bonded," Higdon said. 5 Star offers qualified and experienced caregivers who accommodate client schedules and support a variety of senior needs. "We treat each client like they are our own family," Higdon stressed. "As such, if 5 Star Home Care wouldn't send someone to their own home, they won't send them to a client's house."

It can be a difficult thing to accept our limitations, but every person reaches a point where they must acknowledge that they can't do things alone anymore. To many seniors, bringing a caregiver into the home is viewed as giving up some of their independence. Still, more than 70 million family caregivers provide in-home care for a loved one and millions more are searching for solutions.

"We assure them that 5 Star is only there to assist with their daily tasks so they can remain independent and continue to live at home," Higdon stressed. "They usually feel better knowing our presence gives their family members the peace of mind that they are being cared for."

Home care also spares seniors from feeling like a burden on family members who might otherwise be forced to sacrifice their careers to provide the assistance they need to get by. The non-medical services offered through 5 Star include but are not limited to medication reminders, bathing, dressing, light housekeeping, laundry, transportation, meal planning and preparation, and companionship.

Home care becomes increasingly important as life expectancy increases and acute medical conditions decrease. One may wonder when to bring in a caregiver. Higdon recommends using this checklist to help indicate whether a loved one may need additional support at home. If you check one of the items, your loved one may benefit from home care services.

A loved one has:

( ) A messy home

( ) Poor hygiene

( ) Problems driving

( ) Dramatic weight loss or gain

( ) Feelings of isolation

A company like 5 Star enables people to feel the peace of mind that someone precious to them

will be well cared for without having to make the type of sacrifices Higdon's mother was forced

to make to preserve his grandmother's quality of life.


5 Star Home Care has a complete guide to home care services to assist families in making the right decisions for aging or disabled family members. To view the complete guide, visit 5starHomeCareUSA.com. To inquire about 5 Star's home care services, call 423-893-8181.