Be ready for spring with Electrolysis and Associates

Be ready for spring with Electrolysis and Associates

January 9th, 2014 by Brandi Dixon in Health Experts
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Though it may be a few months out, the spring and summer months are approaching and the professionals at Electrolysis and Associates want to help their clients look and feel their best.

An Electrolysis and Associates employee helps a client shape her eyebrows.

An Electrolysis and Associates employee helps a client...

"How do you want to look as spring and summer approach?" asked co-owner Dee Jeffreys. "We are all concerned with the way we look and never more so than when wearing spring and summer fashions. Both men and women experience unwanted hair at different times in their life and the only FDA approved, permanent hair removal option is electrolysis."

The process of electrolysis uses a sterile, surgical steel probe inserted into each hair follicle with a low current of electricity passed through it. This destroys the blood supply, eliminating the ability of that follicle to produce another hair, Jeffreys explained.

"Unlike laser hair removal, electrolysis will remove all colors and textures of hair," she added. "Blonde, grey, white and red will all respond to electrolysis treatments, as well as all darker colors."

A client gets help in preparing for swimsuit season.

A client gets help in preparing for swimsuit...

All areas of the body are treatable with good success. These include the entire face, eyebrows, neck, ears, underarms, back, breasts and chest, stomach, bikini, legs and toes.

"In preparation for warmer weather, bathing suits, shorts and care-free days, it is the perfect time to clean up any hair that you want to get rid of," Jeffreys added. "Women of all ages want smooth chins, clean upper lips and hair free necks. Now is the time to have underarm hair removed to show off those pretty sleeveless tops and dresses. Removing hair on the legs and bikini area will help you feel confident wearing shorts and bathing suits."

A change of shoe wardrobe to sandals is also a good reminder to get those pesky toe hairs removed for a smooth polished look.

"Men are also concerned about grooming and prepping for summer; it is as important for them as it is to their significant others," said Jeffreys. "Many men have the hair on their faces removed for many reasons, each personal to that man. Back and chest hair is undesirable to many men and electrolysis is the permanent answer for any of these concerns."

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Normal business hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, however additional afterhour treatment times are available. Dee Jeffreys and Annie Massey, owners of the business, can be reached at 423-413-4707. Clients who reach the answering service should leave a message with a name and a number for their call to be returned.

"We do not take phones into treatment rooms, but we will always return our calls," Jeffreys said.


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