Complete Eye Care Optical Shop has something for everyone

Complete Eye Care Optical Shop has something for everyone

March 26th, 2014 by Brandi Dixon in Health Experts
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With sunshine and warmer days signaling the onset of spring and then summer, people are heading outside to soak up the sun. However, protective eyewear should not be overlooked.

Eric Knox gets an order ready for a customer.

Eric Knox gets an order ready for a...

At the Complete Eye Care Optical Shop in Soddy-Daisy, there is something to fit every need, budget and style, for adults and kids alike.

"Once a patient has their prescription they can come to us and we take it from there," said Optical Manager Eric Knox. "One of the things we do specialize in is sunglasses and we have a great selection.

Patients can expect to see frames by Costa, Silhouette, Coach and Gucci, just to name a few. "We also carry sporty options including Adidas, and within the next few weeks we will have Oakleys in house," Knox said.

Anything a customer wants to try that isn't in house can be ordered. "You can try any brand or style. We are not locked in to any certain brands; which sets us apart," Knox added.

Transition lenses that automatically adjust from clear to dark and every shade in between are available, including a changeable polarized option called Transitions Vantage. These lenses can be used in any frame. Call the Optical Shop to find out more.

If a custom set of frames and lenses is your desire, Complete Eye Care can take care of that as well. The store's Silhouette line offers complete customization options, even to the most extreme requirements.

"I had one gentleman who did Civil War re-enactments," Knox said. "He had a picture of his great-great-grandfather wearing these glasses, and he wanted that same shape. He drew it out on cardboard and I cut the lenses and made him the exact style he wanted."

Thanks to the up-todate technology available in the Optical Shop at Complete Eye Care, Knox said staff members can do so much more to customize and meet clients' needs than they could four or five years ago.

"We're able to do the wrap sunglasses which are very popular now," noted employee Rachael Ridge. "If you need something we don't have, we'll get it or figure out how to make something work for you."

The Optical Shop accepts most insurance plans and welcomes outside prescriptions as long as they are current. The shop serves clients as far north as Spring City and Dayton thanks to its convenient location, Ridge said.

"We also offer late hours until 7 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday," she added. "That way clients can drop in on their way home from work for added convenience."

Knox also pointed out that lenses can be finished in house, so clients don't have to leave their frames behind. "We can complete your order while you're in the office," he said.

The Optical Shop also offers great second-pair discounts and lens and frame package discounts to assist those on a budget.

"We try to accommodate and meet everyone's needs," Knox said, adding that the shop is offering a discount on its $99 frame and lens package. They will be priced at $79 for the next six weeks. Mention this article to take advantage of this promotion.