Idol: Adam's "Mad World" gets standing ovation from Simon

Idol: Adam's "Mad World" gets standing ovation from Simon

April 7th, 2009 in Idol

I am honored tonight to be hosting Felicia Barton (who was a semi-finalist this year on Idol) at my home with her husband and two-year-old son. As our kids are running around the house screaming and making messes together, she is giving me the scoop on the contestants that are still in the competition.

The theme for tonight is songs from the year of the contestants' births. Usually I would be complaining about how it is impossible to be current with songs from the early 80's, but as these contestants showed us last week, they LOVE singing songs this old.

Danny Gokey opened the show reminding me why I am such a big fan of his. He gave the song "Stand By Me" a gospel feel - which I loved. I am a big Danny Gokey fan, and Felicia confirms what a great guy he is.

Kris Allen sang "All She Wants To Do (is Dance)". The judges weren't quite as keen on this performance as they have been the past few weeks, but Kris is in no danger of leaving. He is a star and is still capable of pulling out an upset.

Allison Irahetta tore herself up some "I Can't Make You Love Me If You Don't." Early in the season, people were really only talking about Danny and Adam, but between Allison and Kris, we have a serious competition. Simon questions her likability, and he is right in doing so. She has a hard time showing her personality, but she is definitely one of the best talents there. Felicia and her husband think she reminds them of Kelly Clarkson a great deal. I'm not exactly there because I think Allison has such a distinct style, but she is definitely in the same league.

Matt Giraud also showed up ready to impress. He nailed "Part Time Lovers." To me, it was his best performance of the season so far. He needed this performance tonight because he was starting to shift to the "No-Chance-To-Win" group, but he definitely proved he deserved to stay another week.

Adam Lambert performed "Mad World." It was my wife's favorite performance from him. He has amazing vocal control. Simon Cowell gave him a standing ovation - the first I have ever seen in 8 seasons.

Anoop did well, but I can't imagine a bottom three without him this week. To me, Scott and Lil are both on the chopping block unless a surprise elimination occurs. What do you think?