Iraheta goes 'fourth' in search for fame

Iraheta goes 'fourth' in search for fame

May 12th, 2009 by Amy Williams and Susan Pierce in Idol

SUSAN PIERCE: Watching Adam Lambert's duet with Allison Iraheta Tuesday night, I really hoped that might be a preview of what was to come in the finals. But that wasn't to be as Alison got the boot.

In my opinion, she was the best female vocalist to cross that stage in at least two seasons. She had such natural talent.

How ironic she got voted off the same week Chris Daughtry returned as a featured performer. Who better than the season 5 rocker, who also came in fourth place, to prove there are bigger and better things in store for "Idol'' alums?

AMY WILLIAMS: She may go on to great success beyond "Idol,'' but I must admit I never really liked Allison's raspy voice. If she's just 16 now, what in the world will she sound like at 25?

Adam, on the other hand, was amazing. He continues to impress me even more each week. The way events unfolded Wednesday night further my prediction that we will be seeing a square-off with Adam and Danny Gokey in the end.

Though Danny's rock performance was definitely not his best, I think he still has a chance to make it to the end with Adam.

SUSAN: I agree with your prediction about the final two, although I've just never been a big Danny Gokey fan. He has a good voice - which would be expected of a music minister - but I've never thought it was as fabulous as the judges have raved over this season. Maybe his performances fall under the "you had to be there category."

I'll have to hand it to Danny, though, that he never fell into the bottom three, which is quite an accomplishment. But I don't think he can beat Adam. Adam has stage presence, a three-octave voice range and unbeatable instinct on what songs work for him. I think he's unstoppable.

AMY: I completely agree. Though I really like Danny, I don't think he can beat Adam, he's just got so much charisma and presence that he makes the others look like amateurs. There are few people that can cover Led Zeppelin without sounding like they are at a karaoke bar, but Adam's version was - dare I say - almost as good as the original.

Regardless of what happens, the next two weeks of "Idol" will be some of the most interesting since the show began. This season has certainly been full of some of the best talent I've ever seen on "Idol."