Why Adam Lambert is our 'American Idol'

Why Adam Lambert is our 'American Idol'

May 19th, 2009 by Amy Williams, Clint Cooper, Karen Nazor Hill and Susan Pierce in Idol

After 14 weeks of build-up, "American Idol's" showdown is set. It's Adam Lambert vs. Kris Allen.

Will the Season 8 title belong to Adam, the guy who has shown a chameleon-like talent to adapt his song-style (and hairstyles) to every genre the judges have thrown the contestants' way. Or will it be Kris, who climbed out of the bottom three and into the finals by making smart song choices he knew would appeal to the texting voters?

Tonight's wild card is which way Danny Gokey's supporters will swing. If they were voting for Gokey because they loved his vocal prowess, then Adam may appeal to them for his dynamic voice and charismatic stage presence. Those who appreciated Gokey's role-model lifestyle may vote for Kris's all-American, wholesome image.

Here's why the Times Free Press staff believes Adam Lambert will take the title:

Clint Cooper: Kudos to Kris, but Adam shines in vocal range, song styling and pure effortlessness. He didn't have a bad week. Has "American Idol" ever had a more consistent contestant?

Karen Nazor Hill: Kris amazed me with his second song last week. Good for him. But, alas, he's not in Adam's league. Nobody in the history of "American Idol" is in Adam's league. My vote is now and has always been for Adam Lambert. I am a fan.

Susan Pierce: Two words: Motown Week. Adam's heartwrenching spin on "Tracks of My Tears" was the defining moment of this season to me.

Amy Williams: For all his guyliner and heavy metal-type wailing, Adam is still far and away the most talented singer this season. He deserves to win.