Ultimate underdog Kris Allen wins it all

Ultimate underdog Kris Allen wins it all

May 21st, 2009 by Phil Stacey in Idol

Kris Allen, the ultimate underdog, has made one of the biggest comebacks in television history! After 620 million votes, 19 weeks, 100,000 auditions, an extra judge and a bikini girl, Kris Allen is your new "American Idol." The all-American, married boy next door defeated the glammed-out, leather-clad rocker and now is the 8th reigning champ in the Idol kingdom. Although Adam was an early favorite with his huge vocals and in-your-ace style and confidence, Kris Allen never gave up and came from obscurity in the early rounds to win it all.

Before the results were given, both Adam and Kris highlighted their polar opposite styling in perfect fashion. Kris paired up with Keith Urban and gave us a radio-worthy version of "Kiss A Girl" showing us what his fans have come to expect from him. Adam gave us a bigger-than-life collaboration with Kiss, platform boots and space shoulder pads and all. As one last gift to the Idol fans, both guys joined together for what we have been waiting for all season ... Adam singing with Queen "We Are the Champions" with Kris holding his own!

As always, the three minutes it took to give us the results were crammed at the end of a two-hour celebrity binge of self-promotion, an opportunity I wouldn't pass up but admittedly annoying.

Highlights included Kara DioGuardi showing up Bikini Girl in a vocal duel and then adding salt to the wounds by stripping down to a bikini as an inside joke/ charity bet among the judges and Ryan. The Top 13 had lots of face time with each Idol getting at least one feature spot.

Tomorrow the real work begins for Kris and the rest of the crew. They are joining the real world of the music industry and will start doing everything they can to parlay this amazing experience of "American Idol" into a huge life-long career. But I hope each of them savor tonight as a very special moment in their lives. I want give my congratulations to Kris and all his fans. He is a worthy Idol, and I am truly excited for his CD. Adam and his fans also should be very proud. He is a superstar in his own right, and we will be see lots from him.

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