Interview questions job seekers will face

Interview questions job seekers will face

February 19th, 2012 in Jobs

Everybody knows somebody who is looking for a job. As a result, people of all ages and vast differences in job experience are out there trying to get noticed and land an interview. Those who succeed are sometimes not prepared to answer questions from prospective employers.

Two specialists from Brown Mackie College have teamed up to offer insight into questions interviewees are likely to hear.

What do you know about us?: "I usually begin with this question," said human resources generalist Beverly Smith. "This lets me know how well a candidate researched the company. When applicants know the company and understand the position, they are able to talk about their marketable skills and how they relate to the job. The answer tells me a lot about how qualified they are to be here." Tell me about yourself as it relates to the position: "This is a broad question that lets the interviewer know if you have a good sense of the position and the company," said Gizelle Ortiz-Velazquez, director of career services. "I coach students to stay away from personal information and focus on skill sets and how they relate to the position. It also opens the door for students who don't have much experience to sell themselves to an employer. This is a good time to remind an employer that your training is strong and included an internship or externship where you gained a real worldview of the work. The great thing about hiring someone out of school is they don't come with bad work habits. The employer gets the opportunity to train a new hire the way he or she wants them to be trained."