Tips for doing well on job skills tests

Tips for doing well on job skills tests

June 10th, 2012 in Jobs

With the economy strengthening, today's job seekers have more of an opportunity to find a job than in years past. However, that hardly means that companies are taking the decision to hire lightly. With still unprecedented numbers of applicants vying for each open position, companies are putting a greater emphasis on choosing the best of the group, and they are armed with more weapons than ever to do just that.

"Pre-employment assessments have been one way to help companies make sense of who they have in the pipeline," said Brian Penner, director of assessment and selection at Prudential Financial. "More and more companies have developed a strong appetite for measuring how people think and act." Penner notes that it is important for job seekers to remain confident if asked to take an assessment. "The good news is that assessments cost money, which should signal to you that the company thinks you're important enough to invest in." Additionally, Penner shared his top tips for job seekers if they are asked to take an assessment:

  • Most assessments today are online and allow you to take the assessment wherever your computer has connectivity to the Internet.
  • Get sleep the night before.
  • Be yourself. It is easier to be yourself than someone else. Don¹t guess who they want you to be. Those who try to be someone different during the assessment don¹t fare as wel.
  • Stay relaxed and try to have fun with the assessment.
  • Some tests are timed. In these cases, work quickly and accurately.
  • Research the employer. See if you can get information on the hiring process. Try to find practice tests.