Fight cyber warfare with technology skills

Fight cyber warfare with technology skills

September 16th, 2012 in Jobs

In today's technically advanced world, radical groups and rogue states don't just use guns and bombs to attack our country and allies; they use technology and information too. The need to defend against these cyber attacks has spurred an evolution in the field of Information Warfare < and generated exciting, meaningful career opportunities for a new generation of men and women who want to serve their country.

From the Civil War period, when specially trained U.S. Naval personnel intercepted and deciphered enemy signals and employed cryptology to secure domestic and international communications, protecting our nation's communication infrastructure has been a priority. During World War II, nearly 10,000 Naval cryptologic personnel worked to support every major campaign in the war.

Today, the field of Information Warfare offers opportunities for those who excel at computing, foreign languages or other technical fields. The Navy can provide jobs and training opportunities for high school and college graduates as well as those with professional experience.

Cryptology: An array of cyber threats, vulnerabilities and the growing military dependence on cyberspace mean the military needs Cryptologic Linguists.

Intelligence: The United States depends on an information advantage to keep its people safe from harm. Navy Intelligence operatives filter and analyze raw data, turning it into knowledge that helps inform international policy and military strategy.

Information Technology: Information Technology (IT) is a growing career field in both the civilian and military worlds. Experienced IT professionals, such as computer programmers, data analysts and technicians, help protect the Navy's network.

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