I Love my Job: at T-Mobile, Inc.

I Love my Job: at T-Mobile, Inc.

February 1st, 2009 in Jobsilove

To say the least, I have a very interesting job, which I really do love. In a small capsule of time, I switch between the roles of being a confidant, financial analyst and advisor, mediator, and customer service professional. My position as a Customer Service Representative for T-Mobile, Inc. has afforded me the privilege of being able to affect people's everyday lives in immeasurable ways, and I can honestly say the personal rewards make the daily stretch more than worthwhile.

Every morning, there are thousands of individuals who awaken to perform the same functions as myself across the world for countless corporations. We're almost mythical, because we're mostly invisible, and we work behind the scenes. If you ever have the occasion to speak with any one of us in person, we will be able to tell you that there's no way to predict the way the day is going to go, or what it's going to bring. I've spoken with doctors on their way to delivery rooms, a 2 year old with his sleeping parent's cell phone, and a funeral home director who was interested in what kind of lively music T-Mobile has to offer to make his BlackBerry "come alive". I also have the privilege of helping people in times of need. During the downturn of the economy, I've spoken to people who literally had it all a month ago, and are now trying to get by. During the storms which affected Texas and Louisiana, T-Mobile CSRs heard accounts of the devastation firsthand from some who literally lost everything.. These situations are humbling, and they allow you to experience and show humanity, all on a phone call. (As a side note: T-Mobile left service active for these customers, regardless of what was owed on their accounts at the time) With respect to our customers, the general trait you'll find in every T-Mobile CSR is our uncanny ability to find value for them in every phone call. There have been instances where I've saved hundreds to thousands of dollars for a customer, or literally had them go from crying to laughing in less than 3 minutes. Whatever we can do to improve their day, or their finances, is our main focus. I've never seen a company that values their customers so much. As a result, I know my employer places such a high expectation on value, that they value me as well.

At this point, you might be saying, "The customer service stuff is nice, but what's so special about working for T-Mobile?" I'll tell you. In my past life, I was a corporate trainer for another large company. I had reached a point at which I knew I wanted a change, but I had no idea what the locale would be. I had been there almost seven years, and I was ready for liftoff. Through a good friend, I was sold on T-Mobile, but I was admittedly apprehensive. It was a few days into training before I admitted to my class that I was waiting around for the shoe to drop, due largely to the fact that I had never worked for a company where I see the company's posted values come alive. When you hear that T-Mobile values diversity, believe it. But it doesn't stop there. T-Mobile believes that it's diversity that makes us better.

I also can honestly say that my workplace is aware of the needs of their employees as well. I have friends who work at major insurance companies, and they currently pay more than T-Mobile employees do for medical, vision and dental insurance. In this economic situation, we all need value. I've compared my phone benefits with my friends who work for our competitors, and they DO pay more than I do. (Did I mention I get a home line for free?) There's a quiet room in case I want to take a nap on lunch. (Perfection) And there's a gym, upgraded with a large flat screen television. (And showers!) Huge tea and coffee stations abound, bright colors are everywhere, nice furniture, interesting and fun coworkers and events that rival everything I've experienced at past jobs. There are competitive pay rates, monthly bonuses, quarterly bonuses, and incentives. Does this sound like a place you'd like to be? I guess you're going to have to check it out, won't you?

Dafiya B. Benibo
Customer Service Representative for T-Mobile, Inc