I Love My Job: at Spring City Care and Rehabilitation Center

I Love My Job: at Spring City Care and Rehabilitation Center

June 21st, 2009 in Jobsilove

I love my job and I love to tell why.

I have been the pastor of small churches in Rhea County for thirty-six and one-half years, but in May of 2008 I accepted the position of part-time chaplain at the Spring City Care and Rehabilitation Center in beautiful Spring City, Tennessee, which is a part of Signature Health Care that has facilities in seven states.

Signature is a Christian oriented company that emphasizes meeting the spiritual needs of their residents. People of many different faiths are under one roof but all are ministered to in a non-denominational way. Each person is met at their point of need and ministered to in a personal way.

Not only is the resident ministered to, but their family members are also taken into consideration and ministered to as needed.

As chaplain I also reach out to the employees and their families as well. Many of them have spiritual or personal needs that are ministered to in a loving way.

Each day brings new opportunities and challenges. I never know what may happen on any given day, but with the Lord's help I seek to reach out and minister to each one as needed.

I enjoy just sitting down with a resident and talking about days gone by and maybe sharing a passage of scripture and having a prayer if they desire.

As part-time chaplain I usually spend seventy to eighty hours per month at the facility. Not only do I visit one on one but I also participate in many group activities as well, such as, a weekly Bible study which I lead or the weekly sing-along each Tuesday morning which is led by a group of local volunteers.

Various activities take place each day and it is a joy for me to be a part of them. I also have the opportunity occasionally to go on trips away from the home to such places as Dollywood, the State Capital, and the Hunter Museum in Chattanooga just to mention a few.

It is a joy for me to be a part of our resident's lives and to do my part to help them have a better quality of life in their golden years.

My co-workers in the various departments are the greatest. We are indeed a team working together to care for our residents in a loving way. Our staff is definitely interested in the welfare of each of our residents and their families and treats each one with respect and dignity.

The final aspect of our daily staff meeting each morning is that the entire team (usually fifteen to eighteen people) joins hands in a circle and prays for our residents, their families, and other requests that may be presented.

Spring City Care and Rehabilitation Center has a dedicated Administrator who truly guides us in a Godly way in our care of those entrusted to us.

If I can help my fellowman whether it is a facility resident, employee or family member to have a better quality of life, then I will feel that my life has not been lived in vain.

Christ said that what we have done for one of the least of theses we have done it unto Him.

My employment at Spring City Care and Rehabilitation Center is more than a job... It's a joy.

Clyde Fitzgerald, Chaplain

Spring City Care and Rehabilitation Center