I Love My Job at: TVA

I Love My Job at: TVA

June 28th, 2009 in Jobsilove

I am proud to say that I have been an employee of TVA for almost 30 years. When I am asked why I have stayed at one company for so long, I can honestly say that "I love my job at TVA". TVA is a great place to work and the Tennessee Valley is a great place to live. I know that sounds clichés but it is true.

The employees of TVA really care about the people of the Tennessee Valley. I have had the opportunity to work in different divisions of TVA and in every department I have worked in, I see that same dedication and commitment from TVA employees to their jobs that ultimately affect the people of the valley. I started my career at TVA as an energy advisor in 1979 after graduating from Talladega College with a degree in Biology. In that position I was responsible for conducting residential energy surveys for customers of local Power Distributors in the Middle Tennessee area. To those customers, I was TVA and I wanted to make sure that I represented TVA in a positive manner. I loved meeting with individual homeowners and talking about TVA and its way of life.

In 1987 I earned my engineering degree from Tennessee State University and I accepted a position as a Power Supply Engineer. This position was responsible for developing contracts with all of TVA's power distributors. While in this position, I had the opportunity to be mentored by some of the best managers in TVA. They helped me to develop and grow in my career path.

To say that I have saved the best for last would be an understatement. I joined TVA's Power Systems Operations (PSO) group in 1996. PSO is responsible for building, operating and maintaining the nation's largest public power supply network. We want to make sure that our customers have the lowest and most reliable power around. PSO has delivered power to our customers for the last seven consecutive years with 99.999 percent reliability. This is an awesome achievement that makes me proud to be an employee of TVA and more specifically PSO. I have held several positions from Project Control Engineer to Project Scoping Manager and currently, Manager of Project Development (PD). The previous manager of PD was not only a mentor to me but a friend as well. He has been the most influential person in my TVA career. His leadership and guidance not only prepared me to be his successor, but also to be the best TVA employee that I can be. This is typical behavior for the managers in PSO. That is why, in my opinion, PSO is the greatest organization in TVA. .

Not only does management in PSO dedicate themselves to ensuring low-cost reliable power to our customers, they care about their employees as well. Safety is our number one priority, a healthy culture is number two and number three is to have fun. In the words of PSO's Executive Vice President, "You can work hard and still have a great time at your job and with the great folks we work with."

So yes, I can honestly say, "I Love my job at TVA".

--Mary Reynolds, TVA