I Love My Job at: Shared Health

I Love My Job at: Shared Health

May 31st, 2009 in Jobsilove

I love my job at Shared Health®, a Health Information Exchange, where I work with clinicians every day to transform health care. Using our health information technology we are able to offer online clinical health records that help to bridge the gaps in care, allowing multiple clinicians treating the same patient access to patient information at the point of care.

For example, I remember a situation one of our providers told me about, where a patient lost unconsciousness while at work. Fortunately, his employer happened to have an onsite medical clinic. After calling 911, the clinic looked up the patient's records using the Shared Health system. They quickly identified the patient's problem, which turned out to be a newly prescribed drug interacting with some of his regular monthly medications.

The end result was that the onsite clinic was able to provide the paramedics with documentation from our system which may have taken many hours to diagnose if the hospital did not have the patient's medical information in hand at the point of care. The patient did not have to be admitted into the hospital, or have multiple tests in order to diagnose the problem, which ultimately saved health care dollars.

Most importantly, it saved a life...and that's why I love my job!

At Shared Health, we currently serve 2,500 physicians and over 2.5 million lives within Tennessee. We bring value to a fragmented health care system by providing access to patient data in our online Clinical Health Record™ and ePrescribe solutions-known collectively as Clinical Xchange®, .

I love to introduce new providers to our Clinical Xchange and assist them with implementing health information technology into their daily workflow. Seeing their faces light up when they open their patient's Clinical Health Record® and seeing the level of medical information they otherwise would not have, causes me to look forward to my next clinician meeting.

Ultimately, I love going to sleep at night knowing that what I do every day truly makes a difference by improving the health care process and the quality of patient care.

Faith Smith, Training Coordination Consultant