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Idol Chatter

Attitude: Megan Corkrey's downfall

April 7th, 2009 by Susan Pierce and Christine Simmons in Life Entertainment

Susan Pierce: Megan Joy Corkrey obviously didn't grow up in the South. If she had, the age-old wisdom "Never bite the hand that feeds you" and "What goes around comes around" would have been ingrained in her by a mother's repeated admonitions.

However, Megan unintentionally taught those life lessons to all "American Idol" fans Wednesday night when she smarted off to the judges that "she didn't care what Simon thought." Then Simon Cowell returned that sentiment by saying they didn't care enough to even let her sing for the save when she was voted off.

Christine Simmons: Wasn't that sweet? I have to admit I enjoyed how Cowell handled that one. Basically telling her that they wouldn't even consider saving her should have brought her down a notch or two, but it didn't appear to. I am all for self-confidence, but every time she mentioned "her fans" I laughed out loud. It's just not cool to be that arrogant in a competition like this.

I hope Anoop Desai paid attention to how things played out with Corkrey because I've noticed him having a bit of an attitude when the judges give him criticism.

Susan: It's amazing how in a month's time Corkrey fell from the judges' fair-haired child (literally and figuratively) to getting Cowell's snarky send-off. The judges loved her quirky Elle Woods/Tattoo Barbie style and constantly complimented her looks. Maybe all that adulation is what blew her ego out of control; made her think she was invincible. But as her attitude grew, her vocal performances were on a downhill slide.

Christine: Tonight's theme is going to be the annual "songs from the year you were born." Will that give 16-year-old Allison Iraheta an advantage; and possibly put Adam Lambert, 26, and Danny Gokey, 28, at a disadvantage?

Susan: I am thoroughly impressed with Allison's voice, but she needs to sing something her generation can relate to in order to get their votes.

Case in point: Matt Giraud. The judges ripped him up for singing The Fray's hit, but it got him enough votes from young fans that he cleared the bottom three.

Christine: I was very surprised that Giraud wasn't in the bottom three. There's something about him that is very forgettable. He's got a great voice and he's really cute, but every week I forget his performance.

Whereas Iraheta has got the voice of a seasoned pro. I can easily see her and Adam Lambert as the final two. As far as I can tell at this point, they are the ones to beat.

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