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Idol Chatter

'Idol' contestants test their moves in disco week

April 21st, 2009 by Amy Williams and Anne Braly in Life Entertainment

ANNE BRALY: Last week was a first, with the judges allowing the bottom vote getter - Matt Giraud - back into the "American Idol" fold. But other than that, there were no surprises. America, you've done it again, putting the right people in the bottom three - Anoop Disai, Lil Rounds and Giraud, though I was a bit taken aback when Rounds brought in more votes than Giraud. I think this week will see them all return back to the bottom three. And, of course, as judge Simon Cowell reminded everyone, two will be voted off this week since they allowed Giraud to stay. And it will be extremely interesting to see how each of the final seven will put their own spins on disco.

AMY WILLIAMS: Oh, why in the world do they make these kids do disco? I predict right now that Adam Lambert will do something cool with whatever song he chooses. As far as last week goes, I was actually kind of surprised the judges chose to keep Giraud around. He's a good singer, but I'm not sure he was worth saving. I think he did good to get this far. That being said, I was surprised Lil Rounds was not voted out first. I think the judges have really done a number on her, and she can't seem to get them out of her head. She should just stop trying to please them and sing what she wants. I agree, Rounds, Giraud and Desai will be back in the bottom three again. Looking at the seven that remain, Lambert and Danny Gokey are still stand outs, but I actually liked Kris Allen's performance of "Falling Slowly," for once was great. Could he be a sleeper?

ANNE: I don't know if I'd put him in the "sleeper" category, but dawg, you know what? He may just make it to the final two. And that would be a shocker because most people do think Gokey will be paired against Lambert. There's little doubt in my mind that Lambert will be the next American Idol, so the next few weeks may be somewhat boring, I think. In past years, there's been suspense building up to the final showdown. Lambert's going to win hands-down. It's interesting how he's grown since we saw him during try-outs. He looks better and handles himself better. I would imagine the entire experience has been a maturing episode for Lambert, but only his hairdresser knows for sure.

AMY: His hair is quite remarkable, isn't it? It is interesting that this far out, we already seem to know without a doubt who will win it all. I admit I didn't like Adam when the season started, the makeup and the overall strange look was just too much But he is so amazingly talented, he cannot be ignored. Why he hasn't had a recording contract before now is beyond me. From this point on I guess we will just enjoy the show for it is, and watch the contestants as they work through the awkward group performances and the strange Ford commercials. The featured acts have been good too, like Jennifer Hudson, who I thought was amazing. Miley Cyrus is another story altogether. I'm not sure if she would even be in the top 10 if she was on the show. Though it will be sad to see two - hopefully Lil and Matt - go home, next week's disco arrangements should be fun to watch.