Extension Web site includes finance, organics section

Extension Web site includes finance, organics section

February 17th, 2009 by Kathy Gilbert in Life Entertainment

This month, the Cooperative Ex-tension System launched a new section on its Web site, www.extension.org, called "Financial Security: Managing Money in Tough Times."

"It's one of our most popular right now because of the advice they have to offer families during the financial crisis," said Terry Meisenbach, communications and marketing director.

Last month, the site unveiled a new organic section as well, to meet public demand for more information in this area, he added.

Until recently, questions about farming, gardening, parenting, cooking, food safety, biofuels or livestock grazing could be answered by calling a local extension agent.

Today, www.extension.org is an extension of the extension agent.

"We collaborate nationwide to create what we feel is the best of the best - the best answer to a question, the best resource. It's science-based, research-based and available to the public," Mr. Meisenbach said.

The Web site officially opened a year ago. Content has been created since 2004, he added.