Fill up, slim down with new diet plan

Fill up, slim down with new diet plan

January 10th, 2009 by Anne Braly in Entertainment

Overindulge over the holidays and wondering about swimsuit season ahead? Weight Watchers has changed its weight-loss formula in hopes people will fill up and slim down.

The program, named Momentum, has been proven successful in the overseas market, according to Beverly Rutherford, Weight Watchers operations manager for the mid-South. It's a combination of the old core and points system and allows dieters to eat till they're satisfied, rather than measuring and weighing their foods.

"It's a livable program," Mrs. Rutherford said.

For example, a four-point breakfast in the past might be two slices of dry toast. The Momentum program allows members an omelet made of one whole egg, an egg white, a slice of fat-free cheese and 1 /2 cup mushrooms with a side of 1 1 /2 cups strawberries, all of which also equals four points.

Or, rather than measuring portion sizes, just knowing you can sit down and enjoy a large steak, large baked potato (with fat-free sour cream) and a large salad (with fat-free dressing) for around 11 points should appeal to many, Mrs. Rutherford said.

Mrs. Rutherford said that the changes are being made in hopes that members can better control hunger, beat temptation and maintain a healthful lifestyle.