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Idol Chatter

Sarver departure predictable

March 31st, 2009 by Amy Williams and Anne Braly in Life Entertainment

Anne Braly: There were a couple of surprises last week, as well as a couple of disappointments. I was happy to see Michael Sarver leave. He seems like a really great guy, but compared to other contestants, he just didn't have what it takes to be part of the final competition. As for the disappointments, I was sorry to see that Matt Giraud was in the bottom three. My bottom three would have been Sarver, as well as Megan Joy Corkery and Scott McIntyre. But as the weeks go by, I think Corkery and McIntyre will be saying good-bye, followed by Lil Rounds.

I was overjoyed to see Adam Lambert's new hairstyle. His hair looked amazing. And his song, "Track of My Tears" ... Well, I've never heard a better version. If he keeps singing like he did last week, I think he'll be the next American Idol. Just wish he'd keep his hair combed back.

Amy Williams: I couldn't agree more. I went into Wednesday's show disliking Adam Lambert. The make-up, the weird hair and nail polish were just too much for me, despite his obvious talent. But the way he sang "Tracks of My Tears" was by far one of the performances on American Idol this season. I agree with you Anne, he definitely has the potential to win the whole thing.

Lil Rounds was a little disappointing because she didn't choose a better song during "Motown Week," when she had the potential to really shine. And Corkery may be original, but her song was just difficult to listen to. She should be the next to go, but seeing she is the "Vote for the Worst" fave, she may be around for a while.

Anne: I think my favorite contestant is Danny Gokey. There's just something about him I like, but he seems to have lost steam. Maybe it's just that Lambert has come on so strong. I do think Gokey and Lambert will be the final two, though.

I wonder if the judges will be able to use that new rule that if they don't agree that the person who's voted out each week, they can bring them back. They haven't used it so far, and I'm a little surprised they didn't use it for Alexis Grace, who was voted off two weeks ago. I wonder if the judges would be able to use their voting power if they don't agree with the final vote coming up in a few weeks?

Amy: Good question. How mad would they make America if they chose to keep, say Lambert - because I think they would - over Gokey, if it came down to the two of them in the end? They probably have their eyes on someone in particular they are saving it for, like Lambert. I do like Gokey a lot, but I wish he would have taken Robinson's advice to sing out the "You're outta sight" lyrics. I'm surprised the judges didn't say anything about that, because it showed a little arrogance on Gokey's part, I thought. It will be interesting to see what happens next week, as the show's theme is rumored to be iTunes top downloads, giving contestants a chance to let their personal styles show through a little more.

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