Gadget: Echo thumb drives

Gadget: Echo thumb drives

July 16th, 2010 in Life Entertainment

WHAT: Echo thumb drives

Mainly because of the small size and portability, thumb drives seem to be a one of the most common storage solutions.

Lexar's newest versions of the pocket-sized drivers are the Echo SE and ZE backup drives.

In addition to having an incredible amount of storage they include bundled software that provides an automatic backup of files on a Mac or PC

The SE model looks like your standard thumb drive, while the ZE is much smaller. When you put the ZE into any USB port, only a fraction of it is visible.

Each drive comes with targeted file backup software that allows users to choose what files to back up.

The setup for the backup software is simple: Insert the drivers in a USB port and the software automatically prompts you for an easy install.

In addition, a feature which I really like is the file versioning aspect. This lets you not only find the file chosen to be backed up, but also the previous versions of that file.

DETAILS: The Lexar Echo SE comes in four sizes; 16GB - $47.99, 32GB - $89.99, 64GB - $175 and the 128GB model for $349.99. The ZE comes in 8GB - $28, 16GB - $56 and 32GB - $89.99.

- Gregg Ellman, McClatchy Newspapers