Cat not slowed by missing limb

Cat not slowed by missing limb


April 18th, 2011 by Casey Phillips in Life Entertainment


Rabies vaccination clinics, which are required by law for all dogs and cats in Hamilton County, start Friday. The two-hour sessions will be held over five days at 44 locations. Additional cats-only clinics are scheduled Thursday, April 28, at 18 local veterinary offices. See the list of locations and fees on Page D6. For more information, call 209-8110.

True to her name, Trinity is a cat that proves having only three of something doesn't mean you're not whole.

Even missing one of her forelegs, Trinity, a 9-month-old domestic shorthair, can still chase balls, laser pointers and the occasional insect with the best of her feline fellows.

Trinity's owner, Ben Levy, adopted her last fall after she was dropped off with a broken leg at McKamey Animal Care and Adoption Center. The connection was instantaneous, he said.

"I saw her; she meowed. I picked her up; she purred," Levy said. "She's been a good fit, especially with a very active dog."

Levy has owned cats his entire life, and despite being one limb shy of whole, Trinity doesn't require any more attention than his previous pets.

Still, Trinity isn't without her foibles. Early on, Trinity needed assistance learning to use a litter box properly, and she will occasionally flub a leap onto a piece of furniture when she tries to use her phantom limb, he said.

For the most part, she's just like any other cat.

"There's really nothing different about her that I can think of," he said. "[Animals] adapt, just like people do. They just have to be taught how."