My Style: Jessica Medeiros

My Style: Jessica Medeiros

April 25th, 2011 by By Katie Redmond in Life Entertainment

Jessica Medeiros, UTC student: "Now I always go shopping with my sisters. We feed off each other's taste."

Jessica Medeiros

Age: 19

Occupation: University of Tennessee at Chattanooga sophomore, server at restaurant

"Fashion can say a lot about your personality. This is a very atypical outfit for me, though. Usually I wear a T-shirt, shorts and tennis shoes. I'm a very laid-back person, and I'd rather somebody admire me for my personality than for my clothing. That being said, it's a lot of fun to play dress-up every once in a while. I like putting on high heels and strutting around like I'm a supermodel. Dressing casually makes it all the more special when I do put effort, creativity and personality into what I wear. I grew up with three sisters, two of them older, and so I basically lived off hand-me-downs my whole life. I had to have cheap taste growing up. Now I always go shopping with my sisters. We feed off of each other's taste. To me, fashion kind of means bonding with them."