Off the Couch: Harmony by Oaks, comedy by Shore

Off the Couch: Harmony by Oaks, comedy by Shore

December 5th, 2011 by Barry Courter and Lisa Denton in Life Entertainment

LISA DENTON: Barry, for a Monday night in Chattanooga, there's actually more than just the regular karaoke or bands at bars options. Pauly Shore is at The Comedy Catch, and the Oak Ridge Boys are at Memorial Auditorium.

I caught the Oaks' Christmas show here two years ago and had a great time, so that's a no-brainer. I've never seen Shore's stand-up act, but I'm thinking that might be a no-brainer too. But for a different reason. What say you?

BARRY COURTER: I see what you did right there. There's a Mr. Shore on Line 2 for you.

I've actually talked to Shore several times over the years and, like a lot of comics, he is not always the character he plays in movies or on TV, and sometimes he is. What's interesting about him, to me anyway, is he seems to thrive on being this Hollywood outcast, and he is actually as Hollywood as they come, in some ways. He was born there. His mom owned The Comedy Store. His dad was a comic who opened for Elvis. Today, he thrives on making fun of some of the hypocrisy found in his hometown.

You are right, though, that is an interesting convergence of celebrity in town tonight. I wouldn't imagine too many fans are torn between which show to choose.

LISA: I actually enjoyed seeing a different side of Shore in "Minding the Store," his short-lived reality series in 2005. My only exposure to him before that was as the doofus in "Son-in-Law" and "Bio-Dome." I know there are fans of both movies out there; I'm just saying they're not on my list of must-own films.

But I wouldn't want to be too hard on a guy who's released a music video called "Lisa, Lisa, The One I Adore." To feel like The Oak Ridge Boys are singing to me, I'd have to be named Elvira or bah-bah, bah-bah Bobbie Sue.

BARRY: Now, when you were talking about seeing the Oaks the other day, you made it sound like every song they sang was just for you. Maybe it was just when William Lee Golden was singing, or dancing, or telling a joke. I can't remember 'cause I quit listening when you said Golden still had some moves.

In any case, this is their Christmas show, and I bet it will be a good way to get in the holiday spirit.

LISA: Their last Christmas show was a fun time, for sure. They did all their classic hits, then came back after intermission to do Christmas songs. Their harmony is beautiful no matter what they're singing. But it was when Golden danced a little jig near the end of the show that I thought, "That right there was worth the price of my ticket." Two hours in, he was still going strong.

BARRY: We should mention also that Lauren Alaina's sold-out benefit show at Track 29 is Wednesday, and the next night the Carolina Chocolate Drops are there. And Holiday Market Too goes indoors at the Chattanooga Convention Center. For the next two Fridays and Saturdays, folks can buy local. That's a good thing.