Music, film series this week

Music, film series this week

Off the Couch

February 7th, 2011 by Barry Courter and Lisa Denton in Life Entertainment

BARRY COURTER: There are a couple of musical events this week that have caught my attention, Lisa. Tonight, the Swingle Singers are at Lee University. Their music was featured on the premiere of "Glee." They are an a cappella group that has been around for five decades. Then tomorrow, UTC is hosting a concert celebrating contemporary composers, some with local connections.

LISA DENTON: The UTC concert will premier two works written specifically for the local performance: Clarinet Concerto, by Harvey L. Stokes of Hampton University in Virginia, and "Nairobian Fantasy," by Gary Nash of Fisk University in Nashville. Then there's a third work that will be revived by local composer Mario Abril. In the interest of full disclosure, Abril's composition, "Migrations," is accompanied by a poem written by a Times Free Press co-worker, Lin Parker.

BARRY: Lisa, I think it's Lin C. Parker when she is being arty. The work was originally done in 2002 and features Roland Carter, vocal and choral conducting professor at UTC, reading the poem.

LISA: Roland Carter could make the back of a cereal box sound good.

BARRY: It's also worth mentioning that the Arts & Education Council kicked off their spring Independent Film Series this week. Some may not realize this series has been around for decades. They do a good job of bringing in the non-mainstream movies.

LISA: What's interesting this year is that the movies will be determined by the month, so we know only the first four titles so far. Playing this week at the Majestic 12 is "Another Year" from director Mike Leigh. It has wins and nominations from several awards groups, and Leigh is up for Best Original Screenplay at the Academy Awards.

BARRY: That is a change and one they hope will allow them to work with the studios in getting the best movies available and also the ones that have garnered awards and/or critical acclaim.

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