Heavily Accented

Heavily Accented

February 19th, 2011 by Holly Leber in Life Entertainment

Sometimes, a little accent helps.

An accent wall is a great way to bring attention to a spot in your home, said Christy McDonald, a decorator at Yessick's Design Center on Gunbarrel Road.

But an accent wall is not limited to one wall being painted in a different color from the other walls.

"It's anything that's a focal point," said McDonald. "Typically, it's something that makes it stand out from the other three walls. Sometimes, a room has two accent walls."

A ceiling, she said, can be counted as a fifth wall and an accent created by painting it a different color than the walls. In Yessick's, one of the showrooms unexpectedly contrasts a lime green and hot pink toile wallpaper with a black ceiling.

In addition to the color option, McDonald said accent walls can be created with mill work, embellishments or wallpaper. An elaborate window treatment can bring a focal point to a room and create an accent wall, but a wall of windows is also a strong accent.

Even furniture can create a focal point on a wall, such as an elaborate headboard.

McDonald said tall upholstered headboards, especially in a different color than the wall, are growing as a trend. The headboards can be part of the bed or can be affixed to the wall and the bed placed in front of it.

Art also can be an accent.

"More clients are wanting to accent a wall with a grouping of four or six pieces of art," McDonald said. "Botanicals or architectural prints are popular."

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