Coupon wisdom

Coupon wisdom


February 27th, 2011 by Staff Report in Life Entertainment


Stephanie Nelson is founder of, a free grocery saving website started in 2001 that now enjoys a 3 million membership. She lives in Atlanta with her husband and two teenage sons. Here are some of her tips.

Q: You advise consumers to change the way they buy the food they like, not change the way they eat. What steps should they take to do this?

A: The three steps to strategic shopping are to know prices, know store savings programs and know coupons. If you pay attention to the prices of your common items each week, you'll notice a cycle of high-to-low prices. Once you know the low price point, you can stock up on each item when it hits that point. When you know how your store promotions and coupon policies work, you can combine those with low prices to save even more. And when you know where to find coupons and use them along with sale prices and promotions, then you've mastered strategic shopping. You're getting the same food items; you are just buying them differently to save 50 percent or more.

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Most American women begin breastfeeding after childbirth, but only 13 percent of babies are exclusively breastfed by 6 months of age, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Many feeding aids are available to help mothers increase feeding ease and comfort. The Natural Boost from Leachco is a feeding pillow placed on the mother's lap. The pillow has a booster pillow that can be raised or lowered to position baby's head in a comfortable angle. The booster pillow adjustment can be positioned on either side of the pillow or removed for travel. Once baby outgrows the need for elevation, the booster can be removed and the pillow can be used as a regular nursing pillow.

It is available in two colors. Pricing starts at $29.95; available at,, and

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