Get off the couch: Folks School stomp promises good times

Get off the couch: Folks School stomp promises good times

July 25th, 2011 by Barry Courter and Lisa Denton in Life Entertainment

LISA DENTON: Barry, it's time to grab your Jed Clampett clodhoppers and mosey down to the Folk Stomp. This musical benefit for the Folk School of Chattanooga is taking place today through Wednesday at the St. Elmo Firehall. Several bands will play over the three days, and if you don't mind raiding your toolbox, you could learn how to make music on a handsaw.

BARRY COURTER: You read my mind (which should frighten you something awful) because every time I see the word stomp, I hear Granny from calling out, "Stomp a verse, Jed."

They've got quite a schedule's worth of fun during the Folk Stomp. Today, for example, there is a workshop, a singing circle at 6 p.m. and performances by The Driftwood Singers and Moon Slew. I wonder if they'd let me stomp a verse.

LISA: Well, doggies, I bet they would. If you want to perfect your technique, you can learn some steps from a master on Wednesday. Paul Anderegg out of North Carolina will spend the day teaching and performing flat-foot dancing. Which might be helpful if you don't know the differences between a pitter patter and a touch chug and your basic zigzag variations.

BARRY: One should know the difference between a touch chug and a zigzag for certain. This type of flat-foot dancing is clearly different than the type of flat-foot dancing I'm known for. I've heard it also described as standing-still and also not-really-moving dancing. I'm pretty good at it. Some people look silly doing it, but I've been practicing.

LISA: Mm-hmm. When I'm through making music on my handsaw, maybe I'll engrave a plaque inspired by your talent: "Watch like nobody's dancing."

BARRY: It gives new meaning to "shake it like a Polaroid."

LISA: With you, it's "shake it like a portrait sitting."

Anyway, tickets to the Folk Stomp are $8 per day, $20 for all three days. The schedule is posted at