Jenkins: More services move to Facebook

Jenkins: More services move to Facebook

March 11th, 2011 by Donnie Jenkins in Life Entertainment

Zdnet reported this week that Warner Brothers will be testing a service on Facebook for movie purchases or rentals. This is one more example of how so many companies are moving services and sales to this social-networking giant.

This particular pairing will probably be a good match as so many of us rely on friends to suggest movies, music and other types of entertainment.

--I get a lot of e-mails from Mac users asking if they need to at last be more careful about running security software and avoiding online threats. The short answer is: oh yes.

Mac users for years were pretty much immune from the constant malware threats that harassed PC users constantly. Some of my Mac friends even laughed at PC users for having to deal with the security hassle.

As the Mac OS X platform has become mainstream, it is becoming a target for hackers and online troublemakers. One excellent example of this is the upcoming yearly Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas. Several sites report that it will feature instruction on how to hack into the Mac architecture. All good things have to end, I suppose, but I'll miss my trouble-free days spent on my Mac.

--There's an interesting debate going on now among several online pundits concerning the concept of an "audiophile." One definition of this word is a hobbyist who seeks high-quality audio reproduction via the use of non-mass-produced, high-end audio electronics.

As you can imagine, the advent of MP3s and iTunes has ruffled a few feathers in that bunch. As much as I enjoy the convenience of digital downloads, I suppose I'm in that crowd. There is nothing that can take the place of listening to a truly high-quality song over excellent equipment.

Also, it's a fact that some music sounds better on vinyl records that on CDs or digitally reproduced. We'll probably never solve this argument for everyone, but I will continue to listen to records from time to time as well as to my CD collection for the optimum sound quality.

--One reader recently wrote to me complaining that I tend to cover social networks too often to the exclusion of other tech news. I thought readers might be interested to know that probably over half of my e-mails concern Facebook, Twitter and other social websites. Surprisingly, most of these come from business owners and other folks who want to learn to market and capitalize on these networks' ability to directly communicate with customers.

--You may recall a service called Backupify that I recently covered briefly. The service provides the ability to back up accounts from Facebook, Twitter, etc. The company released a service this week called CloudSight that promises to make an entire backup searchable and to allow the user to restore data with one click. Check out the recent article on for more information. reported this week that the Google Android operating system is the most popular cell-phone platform now, based on data from comScore. Android replaces the RIM Blackberry platform as the most popular, not surprising as Blackberry has been under assault by Android and the Apple iPhone for some time.

--RIM has made several announcements recently that the company intends to innovate and compete more strongly. They do have the Playbook tablet, so we'll see.