My Style: Ernest Whitlock

My Style: Ernest Whitlock

April 9th, 2012 by Karen Nazor Hill in Life Entertainment

Ernest Whitlock's casual style includes shorts and shirt by Ed Mann and shoes from Footlocker. Staff photo by Karen Nazor Hill

Ernest Whitlock's casual style includes shorts and shirt...

• Name: Ernest Whitlock

• Age: 33

• Occupation: Stylist


• Shirt, Ed Mann - $15.99

• Shorts, Ed Mann - $19.99

• Shoes, Footlocker - $54

• Timex watch - Gift

• Coogi hat - Gift

• Sunglasses - Gift

"I think of fashion as a way of looking good. You have to match colors, but the bottom line is fashion is looking your best. I looked up to my late father who taught me that no matter what you're facing in life, your appearance means everything - from filling out applications for a job to being out in public. My mom has been an influence, too. In fact, she still buys clothes for me. She likes me to look good because it takes her back to looking at my dad back in the day."