Three shows open this weekend in Blue Ridge, Ga.

Three shows open this weekend in Blue Ridge, Ga.

August 5th, 2012 by Susan Pierce in Life Entertainment

"The Unmasking of Edgar" references poet Edgar Allan Poe.

"Enchanted," by Toneeke Henderson will be shown in the exhibit.

"Enchanted," by Toneeke Henderson will be shown in...


What: "The Art of Toneeke," "Off the Wall" and "Quilt Work of Kay Hewett" exhibits.

When: 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Friday-Saturday.

Where: The Art Center, 420 W. Main St., Blue Ridge, Ga.

Admission: Free.

Phone: 706-632-2144.



"The Art of Toneeke," through Sept. 21

"Off The Wall" 3-D art, through Aug. 31

"Quilt Work of Key Hewett," through Aug. 31

Forty-four works of 3-D art fill one gallery. The contemporary stitching techniques of a master quilter are displayed in a second area. A third gallery features mixed-media creativity of an artist-in-residence whose work is influenced by her Cherokee heritage.

Texture is the common theme that links three galleries of new exhibits in The Art Center in Blue Ridge, Ga. The Art Center is home of the 1,100-member Blue Ridge Mountains Arts Association.

Seventeen association members have contributed 44 works to "Off the Wall," an exhibit of 3-D work through this month in the Richard Evans gallery, said Jennifer Danner, center spokeswoman.

Participants are Art Bach, Barbara Bryant, Mary Cinnamon, Arline Corkum, William A. Dealy, Linda Denison, Lynn Marie Dwyer, Mary Encinias, Annie Evans, Bill Jefferson, John Lowes, Joan Pinkus, Deborah Ricks, Dinah Stonis, Toneeke Henderson, Linda Stowe Woody and Wesley Stewart.

"We have pieces in clay, gourd art, fused glass, wood, mixed media, mosaics, ceramics, alabaster, steel and one assemblage," said Danner.

She added that although the center's recent community quilt show has closed, about two dozen quilted pieces by Kay Hewett will remain on display through the end of this month.

"Her quilts are more contemporary than the traditional pieced quilts," said Danner. "She designs many of her own patterns."

The center's featured artist is Toneeke Runinwater Henderson of Calhoun, Tenn., artist-in-residence through Sept. 21.

Of Henderson's 60 pieces displayed, all but 10 were made this year, said the artist. She said she is inspired by her Cherokee heritage and sensory perceptions as a psychic medium.

"I'm very much a free spirit," she said. "All my work comes from my soul, just being alive. My daughter has branded me as a textile artist, but I do so many mediums I never get bored.

"I want my work to touch people and enlighten their soul. If it strikes an emotion that causes them to weep or chuckle, then I've succeeded," said the artist.

All of Henderson's pieces are for sale but not to generate funds for her personal use, she said. She is donating her proceeds to fund nine creative art awards in memory of her son, who was killed by a drunk driver, and a science award at Calhoun (Ga.) Elementary School. Donations will also be made to cancer research and organ donor services.