Get off the Couch: NFL teams in Dalton, legend at Tivoli

Get off the Couch: NFL teams in Dalton, legend at Tivoli

August 6th, 2012 by Barry Courter and Lisa Denton in Life Entertainment

LISA DENTON: Barry, I won't pretend that I'm a big follower of the NFL. My last real thought about football was wondering how much money Eli Manning and Deion Sanders must be getting paid to wear fairy wings in those DirecTV commercials. Seriously, that's got to be a wad of cash.

But I am pretty excited about the joint practice coming up later today in Dalton, Ga., between the Tennessee Titans and Atlanta Falcons.

BARRY COURTER: Yeah, the fairy wings are a little much, but for the right amount of money, I guess I'd wear them too. I wonder if Peyton serves as Eli's adviser. Seems exactly like the type of thing a big brother would recommend.

"Yeah, do it. People will love it. Especially the ladies."

Anyway, our two "local" NFL teams will be at Coahulla Creek High School on Crow Road today. The morning walk-through is closed to the public but the 4:30-7:15 session this afternoon is open.

LISA: That ought to be some powerful motivation for the high school players. The way I hear it, the pros will basically take over the school today. The stadium will seat 7,500, and there's plenty of standing room to see these guys in action.

BARRY: It'd be good for the high school kids, and their daddies, to go down there and see what a pro football player looks like. It might make some of the boys hit the books a little harder. It is a rare and fun opportunity for sure.

LISA: It's a good week for comedy too. Doug Stanhope will bring his Big Stink tour to Lindsay Street Hall tonight, and Vaudeville Cafe will crown a champion in its Mouth of the South stand-up competition on Tuesday.

BARRY: Stanhope is kicking off his tour here after a long break. He hits it pretty hard on the road and needs to recharge the batteries, he told me.

LISA: And don't forget Kris Kristofferson will be at the Tivoli on Friday. Of course I appreciate his singing, but it's his talent as a wordsmith that really moves me. "Sunday Morning Coming Down" paints such a picture: "Then I fumbled in my closet through my clothes and found my cleanest dirty shirt."

BARRY: That whole song is near perfect, and that is a great line and one I definitely can relate to. I've pulled many a shirt out of a pile and given it the sniff test. I love hearing Kristofferson talk about how much having Johnny Cash sing the song unaltered on TV meant to him and his career also.

LISA: The only bad thing about that show is that it conflicts with Nightfall. Hayes Carll will headline at Miller Plaza.

BARRY: Life is about choices. Go with the cleanest dirty shirt.

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