The Curry Pot a third Indian option

The Curry Pot a third Indian option

August 15th, 2012 by Barry Courter in Life Entertainment

Among the buffet items available at the Curry Pot is chicken tika masala.

Photo by Barry Courter/Times Free Press.


The place: The Curry Pot, 6490 Lee Highway.

The dish: Lunch buffet.

The cost: $8.99.

We have three Indian restaurants in town, and I've tried them all. I've never been to India -- or England, where I'm told often the best Indian food can be found -- so I won't insult you by saying which is the most authentic or the best.

I know which one I like, and I believe each does one or two versions of the same dish that I prefer over the others.

After hearing from two trusted friends that The Curry Pot was the best, we tried it again on a Saturday afternoon. They offer a large buffet with plenty of variety. My complaint in the past was that it had too much variety, and not all of the food was Indian.

Chicken Tika Masala is a staple of Indian buffets and a pretty good entry dish for newbies. The Curry Pot offers a very tasty version of the barbecued chicken in a mildly spiced cream sauce.

Cauliflower to me has always been a filler item for salads, but there are several Indian recipes that are outstanding. The version at The Curry Pot was tasty, but the cauliflower was mashed, which made the texture a little unusual for me.

The spinach dish was simple and not the creamy, cheese-filled paneer version I'm accustomed to. The blend of spices and the perfectly cooked spinach was very good, as were the green beans with potatoes, a simple,but really good dish.

The buffet also featured rice, naan, salad, soups and desserts, including gulab jamun, which is a soft mild dumpling in sweet honey syrup.

I found a couple of things to like at The Curry Pot, but not enough to pick it over either India Mahal on Brainerd Road or Sitar on Market Street.