My Style: Bridget Miller

My Style: Bridget Miller

August 27th, 2012 by Karen Nazor Hill in Life Entertainment

Photo by Staff Report /Times Free Press.

Name: Bridget Miller

Age: 33

Profession: Co-owner of Leo, a clothing/gift shop on Frazier Avenue

Nose ring: All Things Groovy - $2.50

Handmade necklace by Bridget Miller

Vintage belt: Leo - $5

Dress: Thrift store - $3

Socks: - $15

Handmade shoes: gift

"For me, fashion is self-expression - a way to create what you wear and not caring what anybody thinks. Oftentimes, I'm accused of not matching stuff and that's the way I like it. People sell handmade clothes in my store (Leo), and I snag up a lot of it before anyone comes in. I also buy things at thrift stores and cut it up and sew it into something I want it to be or I make things from scratch."