Good for you: ArtsBuild announces grant recipients

Good for you: ArtsBuild announces grant recipients

December 14th, 2012 by Susan Pierce in Life Entertainment

30 complete Holmberg class

Thirty community members recently graduated in the eighth class of the Holmberg Arts Leadership Institute during a reception at the Chattanooga Theatre Centre.

The arts advocacy class is sponsored by ArtsBuild. The four-month program develops leadership skills necessary to prepare the participants for roles within arts organizations such as volunteers, board members or fundraisers.

Graduates are Andrew Clark, Cathy Clifford, Jamie Curtis, Peggy Douglas, Catherine Durham, Suzanne Ford, Lauren Goforth, Blake Harris, Andrée Herbert, Hamp Johnston, Tekelia Kelly, Jim Laney, Ann Law, Philip Luckey and Sarah Marczynski.

Also graduating are Baggs McKelvey, Carlin McRae, Cynthia Pennington, Jennifer Rubin, Mike Rudez, Ginnie Sams, Kay Sanford, Ballard Scearce, Barry Snyder, Liza Soydan, Lisa Stark, Rodney Strong, Deborah Tepper, Samantha Teter and Elizabeth Wells.

ArtsBuild announces grant recipients

ArtsBuild, formerly known as Allied Arts of Greater Chattanooga, has announced the recipients of its newest grants initiative program, Community Cultural Connections.

Twenty-three Hamilton County organizations received grants of up to $6,000. The goal of the grants is to make arts and culture more accessible to underserved populations including geographic, ethnic and individuals with disabilities. Recipient organizations were not required to have 501 (c)(3) nonprofit status, making the CCC grants available to a larger pool of institutions.

Funding was provided by ArtsBuild and through Hamilton County Commissioner Tim Boyd's discretionary funds.

"Our goal for this new grant program was to attract 20 to 25 grant applications, and we received 61 applications," says Rodney Van Valkenburg, ArtsBuild's director of grants and initiatives.


1. Belvoir Neighborhood Association: Purchase and display artwork from Public Art Chattanooga within the Belvoir neighborhood.

2. Bethlehem Community Center: Teach the value of African culture to students through dance, music, art, food, clothing, spoken word and decorative adornment.

3. Chattanooga Chapter of Links, Inc.: Increase accessibility to the language and imagery of ballet for blacks through exhibits, classes, performances.

4. Community Choir Consortium: Host an internationally renowned conductor to lead a weekend workshop for choirs that will culminate in a public concert.

5. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority: Increase exposure to arts venues and performances for 50 young girls in urban Chattanooga.

6. Eastgate Senior Activity Center: Host a 12-week photography class and oral history project for seniors, teaching photography skills and hands-on application for storytelling.

7. Gang Task Force/The Future is Ours: Host a series of workshops incorporating photography techniques with creative writing, community tours and outreach.

8. Glass House Collective: Create and display a temporary art installation, incorporating borrowed items from residents on Glass Street.

9. Glenwood Neighborhood Association: Fund the artist and production costs for this year's festival celebrating the neighborhood's 150th anniversary.

10. Hart Gallery: Design, create and publish four editions of "Unsheltered Voices," a printed publication featuring art and poetry from the homeless community.

11. Hill City Neighborhood Association: A project featuring workshop, creation of and education about graffiti as art rather than vandalism.

12. In His Hand Church: Engage children from the Westside community in creating a mural.

13. Indo-Cultural Art Academy: Teach art and music in local schools through four weekly workshops on Indian classical and folk dances.

14. Kapchiy Peru: Host a five-hour festival celebrating Peruvian arts, heritage, ancient culture and history, including Peruvian painting, dancing and cooking.

15. Chattanooga Mayor's Office: Fund an 11th Street art project featuring 12 free-standing pillars painted by artists and community youth.

16. Orange Grove Center: Integrate physical abilities in dance through dance workshops, performances and artistic collaboration.

17. Orchard Knob Neighborhood Watch: Host a neighborhood event featuring live blues performances, a children's area and vendors.

18. Prevention and Youth Development Services: Host workshops and training programs for multimedia broadcast and production, integrating media education, radio and video editing and technical training.

19. Project Success: Host classes promoting personal development and storytelling through digital photography.

20. City of Red Bank: Display public art in Red Bank park, host musical, theatrical and other public art performances.

21. Salvation Army: Incorporate the arts into homeless and nonhomeless communities through theater and a city-wide festival.

22. Signal Centers Inc.: Host 32 music workshops that will provide music and arts exposure to children and adults and feature Bob Stagner of the Shaking Ray Levi Society.

23. Southside Abbey: Fund a youth drum ensemble's practices and workshop, culminating in a neighborhood concert and barbecue.