Get Off the Couch: Sandy, Sandi shows

Get Off the Couch: Sandy, Sandi shows

December 17th, 2012 by Barry Courter and Lisa Denton in Life Entertainment

LISA DENTON: Barry, I know you caught part of the televised 12-12-12 Concert for Sandy Relief last week, and there's a chance to take in a local version at Rhythm & Brews on Tuesday. This one will feature The Beaters, Gentlemen's Jazz Quartet and Standing Room Only. All proceeds from $10 ticket sales will be donated to Score International, a local organization that is making mission trips to areas affected by Hurricane Sandy. This would be a good way to help make someone's Christmas a little brighter in New York and New Jersey.

BARRY COURTER: I wonder if I can DVR the show at Rhythm & Brews like I did the one from Madison Square Garden. I'm glad they're doing this, and good for Score International. I knew they did a lot of mission and charity work in the Dominican Republic, but honestly did not know they did work elsewhere.

We here in this area have seen what an angry Mother Nature can do, and we understand that recovery for many can be a long, frustrating and expensive process, so every bit of aid can be helpful.

LISA: You reckon a big load of Southern hospitality will make them stop making fun of the way we talk down here? It might take a few more semi-trailers to do that, so let's load them up. Folks going to the show can also donate coats, blankets, toilet paper and such to send up North. There's definitely still more than a few folks who need the help.

BARRY: Yeah, why do they make fun of us? Watching the 12/12/12 concert the other night, my wife commented on how orange Bruce Springsteen's face was. I had to remind her he's from Jersey, and they like the spray-on tan look apparently.

LISA: You know what else we can do this week? See two of gospel music's most awarded singers. Sandi Patty and Jason Crabb are bringing "A Christmas Celebration" to the Tivoli Theatre on Thursday. This is an interesting pairing. She is very much in the classical range of gospel singing, and he adds a bluesy flair to some of his songs.

Of course, we could always sign up for the Caribbean cruise they're doing together with a half-dozen other artists in late February. I wouldn't mind a little sun, sand and singing in the dead of winter.

BARRY: A Caribbean cruise on a boat full of gospel singers? That sounds like virgin drinks with umbrellas and a lot of hairspray to me. Kidding aside, Patty and Crabb are two of the giants in the genre, and both are very good.

LISA: And we can't forget that hometown favorite James Rogers will present his annual "Home for Christmas" concert Thursday at the Catoosa County Colonnade, and there's an Elvis & Friends Rock & Country Christmas show down for Saturday at the Colonnade. You know how I love Elvis music. I dare you not to get all the moves like Presley when you listen to "Santa Bring My Baby Back to Me."

BARRY: I will have a full story on Rogers in Tuesday's paper. He has retired from his nearly 30-year gig at Dollywood and is moving back to this area. This will be the 10th year for his holiday show at the Colonnade, so it has become a tradition for many people.

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