City Beat: What's coming up in 2013? Some predictions

City Beat: What's coming up in 2013? Some predictions

December 27th, 2012 by Barry Courter in Life Entertainment

Now is the time when folks in my profession start making predictions for the coming year as if we know what are talking about.

The beauty of doing so is that no one ever goes back and checks us against our prognostications, so we always sound smart. I will note that I predicted at this time last year that Track 29 would have an impact on the local music scene and by all accounts it did. I also predicted, though not in print, that it would rain at some point and that I would eat at least twice each day.

Looking ahead to 2013, I predict Track 29 will continue to bring great shows, as will Rhythm & Brews and JJ's Bohemia and I predict we will see a couple of downtown nightclubs close, and perhaps very soon.

I predict ArtsBuild, the reincarnation of Allied Arts of Greater Chattanooga, will have a huge impact on the arts scene, though it might not happen all at once. We might not even notice some of the changes because one of its big goals is to reach young people in hopes that they grow up to appreciate and support all types of art.

It's hard to be too specific in what kind of immediate impact ArtsBuild will have in part because we will have a new mayor come March. As you know, the Chattanooga Way depends on the public and private sectors working together.

I think the refurbished Community Theatre inside Memorial Auditorium will become an oft-used venue again. It's a great room that will be used for all kinds of entertainment events. I predict the folks at ArtsBuild will find ways to utilize the room quite a bit.

And, I predict there will be dining in my future.

Happy New Year everyone.

When The WannaBeatles, a Nashville-based tribute act, lost out to Betty White in the Best Spoken Word category at last year's Grammy Awards, they decided to get their revenge. Of course, no one can be mad at White, so the band took a more respectful route and wrote a song dedicated to the 90-year-old living legend.

"Oh Betty! (The Betty White Song)" debuted Sept. 1 -- just in time to qualify for this year's Grammys. The group also created a Beatles-esque (maybe even more of Monkees-esque) video to accompany the lighthearted song.

The video features The WannaBeatles as a '60s-style singing quartet and a Betty White imposter who transforms the band during a live performance. It is available for free viewing at or at and at

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