January 5th, 2012 in Life Entertainment

Q: My tubes are tied, but now I want another baby. What can I do?

A: There are two options to help couples expand their family after prior tubal ligation. The first involves reconnecting the tubes (tubal reversal), while the second involves bypassing the tubes (in vitro fertilization or IVF). There are benefits to each option. Tubal reversals are excellent for young women (less than 35) who want several more children; the disadvan-tages include inherent surgical risks, the postoper-ative recovery and the possibility the tubes may become re-occluded. Some women who undergo tubal reversal ultimately have to undergo IVF if they don't conceive within 18 months of the initial surgery. IVF is a better option if a woman is older (over 35), only wants one more child and is the fastest way to conceive. A physician consultation is the best way to get a recommendation on your options.

-- Dr. Jessica Scotchie, Tennessee Reproductive Medicine; member, Chattanooga-Hamilton County Medical Society

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