Off the Couch: "Elvis Lives" comes to town

Off the Couch: "Elvis Lives" comes to town

January 16th, 2012 by Barry Courter and Lisa Denton in Life Entertainment

BARRY COURTER: Lisa, if you had been one of those women who had a propensity for tossing their undergarments at Elvis Presley while he was performing onstage, during which stage of his career would you have been more likely to chuck your drawers? Or is that too personal?

LISA DENTON: Do you even have to ask? I like to travel with an extra pair or two for any impromptu need to fling my knickers. I was a Girl Scout (motto: Be prepared), so like any good camper I have my name and phone number written inside each pair.

But back to your question. I think I could get worked up enough at any stage of The King's life to start a windup with my pitching arm. I do love me some Elvis.

BARRY: Windup? You want to catch his eye, not blind him.

Anyway, I bring this up, as you know, because "Elvis Lives" is at Memorial Auditorium tonight, and three Elvis tribute artists will be portraying The King during four key stages of his life. One guy will do songs from the '50s, another will do songs from the '68 comeback concert (my favorite), and a third guy will do stuff from his movies days and also from the jumpsuit-era stuff.

You bought your tickets when they went on sale, right? I'm kind of jealous.

LISA: I did. Two down front.

I say "windup," but it's more like an overhead spin cycle. Whoosh ... whoosh ... whoosh. I have some practice timing the revolutions to the beat. (Don't ask me how). I just have to make sure there's enough velocity to get them to the stage from the fourth row.

The fact that it's a multimedia show with film and photo segments, along with a live band, backup singers, dancers and Elvis and Ann-Margret tribute artists was too hard to pass up. Plus, it's endorsed by Elvis Presley Enterprises and Graceland, so you have to figure it's top-notch entertainment.

I expect to be all shook up by the time I get to work tomorrow.

BARRY: Graceland provided most of the stuff in the multimedia show, and all three tribute artists are contest winners. I 'spect you'll be all shook up and itching like a man on a fuzzy tree, but don't forget what wise men say. You'll find yourself down at the end of lonely street.

LISA: How about a little less conversation? I'm ready to surrender.