My Style: Anya Sukhanov

My Style: Anya Sukhanov

July 23rd, 2012 by Karen Nazor Hill in Life Entertainment

Anya Sukhanov, age 21, is a sales associate with Sam Edwards Jewelers. Staff Photo by Karen Nazor Hill

Anya Sukhanov, age 21, is a sales associate...

Name: Anya Sukhanov

Age: 21

Profession: Sam Edwards Jewelers sales associate

Marco Bicego dangle stud earrings: $1,470

Sweater: Plato's - $15

Marco Bicego bracelets: $2,350 and $2,240 (with pearls)

36-inch Jaipur necklace: $4,840

Hane's tank top: Gift

Apostrophe hip-pleated skirt: Gift

Shoes: Ross - $20

(All jewelry property of Sam Edwards Jewelers)

Fashion, to me, means looking good and feeling good. I'm all about comfort, but I never want to walk out the door looking like rubbish. I follow trends a little bit, but I try to add my own vibe. I don't want to look exactly like everyone else. My favorite places to shop are Charming Charlie's, JCPenney, Plato's (Closet) and Wet Seal."