My Style: Hillary Spiller

My Style: Hillary Spiller

June 18th, 2012 by Karen Nazor Hill in Entertainment

Hillary Spiller steps out with 10-month old Julien in Chaco sandals, JCrew shorts and a Maya baby sling. Staff photo by Karen Nazor Hill

Hillary Spiller steps out with 10-month old Julien...

Name: Hillary Spiller, with Julien, 10 months

Age: 32

Profession: Mom and French teacher

Oscar de la Renta sunglasses: T.J. Maxx - $25

Earrings: J. Crew - gift

T-shirt : Target - $14

Maya baby sling: gift

Shorts: J. Crew Outlet - $20

Chaco sandals: $120

"At this point in my life, clothes that make me feel comfortable in my own skin and clothes that make me feel confident are what I like to wear. Whether I am walking around Whole Foods or teaching or out with my husband, I like to be comfortable, but I don't wear Chacos all the time. I don't follow trends because I don't like to see too much of the same thing. Maxi dress? Not me. Gladiator sandals? Not me. I have discovered good retail shops like Alice Blue, where I just bought a nice dress, but I don't wear a $150 dress when I'm out shopping with my baby."