Off the Couch: Holiday weekend beckons

Off the Couch: Holiday weekend beckons

May 21st, 2012 by Barry Courter and Lisa Denton in Entertainment

LISA DENTON: Barry, we've got a long holiday weekend coming up. Do you think we should pace ourselves this week? I'd hate to be tuckered out when I get an extra day to galavant. And there are options aplenty.

We could start with Founders Day at Rock City. To celebrate its 80th anniversary, the attraction is offering 25-cent admission to the first 80 people in line today and sugar cookies and lemonade at a party at 1 p.m. That's the admission price and the menu they had on opening day.

BARRY COURTER: Party like it's 1932.

That does sound like fun, and after spending a day of good clean fun with the gnomes, sugar cookies and lemonade, how about spending time with some Bad Company. The boys will be joined by Jimmie Van Zant Band and Confederate Railroad at Thunder on the Rock on Friday and Saturday. Bad Company will be fronted by Brian Howe, who is a great singer in his own right, but Paul Rodgers, in my opinion, has one of the great voices in rock 'n' roll.

And, if leather chaps, Harleys and rock and country aren't your bag, Perpetual Groove is hosting its annual Amberland festival at Cherokee Farms in LaFayette Friday through Sunday. It's funny, but it occurred to me that there will be a lot of guys with ponytails at both, but that's about where the comparisons end.

LISA: And mullets. I bet there'll be mullets.

BARRY: I don't know too many hippies with mullets, but it's possible.

LISA: The best part is that both of these festivals offer camping, so no matter how you get there, you can park it and party all weekend. Amberland has a "no re-entry" policy, but the Thunder on the Rock bikers will be buzzing around the mountain. There's even a biker parade through Monteagle to honor veterans Saturday morning at 9 CDT.

The only bike I have is a Pee-wee Herman special that, at the moment, has two flat tires. So I'm thinking my next big adventure should be on the back of a motorcycle.

Wait, did that come out wrong?

BARRY: Not from you.

Both of these sound like fun to me. I'm multicultural that way.

We should also mention that Black Jacket Symphony is back on Thursday to do "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" with the Chattanooga Symphony & Opera. These guys have relatively quickly become a local favorite, and it's because they are good.

LISA: Maybe we should see if there's still time to become movie stars. Shooting of the Jackie Robinson story, "42," starts today at Engel Stadium. Extras are needed for the crowd scenes that will be shot there over 12 days through June 6. The website,, says response has been so good in Chattanooga that an extra 500 seats have been made available on Wednesday.

Maybe I'll model myself on Marla Hooch. Her scenes in "A League of Their Own" are classics.

BARRY: That's a good point. They'll be here on and off for two weeks. I hope people understand that they have to go to that website if they want to be in the movie.