My Style: Keith Black

My Style: Keith Black

November 19th, 2012 by Karen Nazor Hill in Life Entertainment

Keith Black, 43, is an attorney.

Keith Black, 43, is an attorney.

Name: Keith Black

Age: 43

Occupation: Attorney

Tie: Express - $12.99

Sweater vest: Express - $30

Shirt: Express - $20

Watch: Seiko - $800

Slacks (with jacket, not pictured): Michael Kors, Kohl's - $150

Loafers: Johnston & Murphy - $80

"I've always liked vibrant colors, even when I was a boy. I like to bring a little sunshine in everybody's lives. I used to wear bright colors when I was a teenager and in college, but when I became a lawyer I quit wearing colors. But after I married Shelley, and because she loves bright colors, I started wearing colors again. And though some of my attorney friends sometimes make fun of me, I've noticed other lawyers are starting to wear colors as well."